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Fiancee 27 episode plot: Tianfei company faces bankruptcy due to lack of funds

Fiancee episode 27: cousin Tian Fei comes to Shanghai

Tian Fei's capital turnover is not good, very anxious. Tian Fei is very upset to see that Xiaolu has bought a lot of things. Tian Fei took a million to the stock market, the results were all locked up, Tian Fei is very upset. Xiaolu is very anxious because the house property certificate is his own name, and the loan receipt is also his own signature name. Xiaolu's parents decide to help Tian Fei pay the bill, but they want Tian Fei to work on their own, and they won't help Tian Fei. LAN Xiaoyi and monkey went to a dinner party. The food was delicious. LAN Xiaoyi heard a man playing the piano and found that this man was the man who helped him carry things on the coach. LAN Xiaoyi fell in love with each other at first sight, saying that he was a man who liked to play the piano. As a result, the monkey rolled his sleeve and played a piece of music on the stage, which was very beautiful. LAN Xiaoyi was very moved immediately. LAN Xiaoyi calls Arvin in the middle of the night and says that the monkey is very versatile. Tian Fei is at home by usury door-to-door debt collection, as a result, Tian Fei and Xiaolu quarrel again.

Tian Fei came to the company, found that the company power failure, the Secretary also intends to resign, back home to get married. Tian Fei paid the rest of his money to each other. Xiao Lu's father helped Xiao Lu return 1.1 million yuan. Xiaolu is very sorry. Blue small according to oneself decorates in the home, very proud, forgot own birthday. Parents remind LAN Xiaoyi to eat something delicious. Tian Fei calls his mother to borrow money, and his mother says that her cousin plans to go to Shanghai to play. Tian Fei comes to the blood donation car to donate blood. LAN Xiaoyi falls to the ground on his bicycle and sees a blood donation certificate from Tian Fei. It turns out that Tian Fei used to celebrate LAN Xiaoyi's birthday. The monkey found LAN Xiaoyi and helped each other up. Tian Fei drives and can hardly afford gasoline. Tian Fei is very sad. Small dew came in from outside and said cold words. Tian Fei was helpless. Xiaolu suspects that Tian Fei is having an affair. Xiaolu thinks that Tian Fei's character is not good. Tian Fei gets up from the bed and hides the blood donation card. LAN Xiaoyi was reprimanded by his boss when he went to work. LAN Xiaoyi continues to decorate. The monkey helps LAN Xiaoyi change the light bulb. Although the decoration is very simple, LAN Xiaoyi immediately decides to pick up his parents and live at home. The monkey decides to accompany LAN Xiaoyi.

Monkey and LAN Xiaoyi came to their parents' home, and their parents liked the strong young man monkey very much. Tian Fei came to the company to talk about business with customers, but the customer didn't give Tian Fei any money. Tian Fei was helpless. Tianfei company's capital turnover problems, Tian Fei on the road to LAN Xiaoyi called, said his cousin to come to Shanghai to play, but he did not have time to accompany his cousin, asked LAN Xiaoyi to take care of his cousin. LAN Xiaoyi is very helpless, but Tian Fei says that it is OK to let his cousin play on the floor. He asks LAN Xiaoyi to help him. Tian Fei's cousin calls LAN Xiaoyi, and her tone is particularly impolite. She asks LAN Xiaoyi to pick him up. LAN Xiaoyi is working and says he can't ask for leave. LAN Xiaoyi can only book a fast hotel for his cousin. He is very helpless.