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Fiancee 26 episode plot: LAN Xiaoyi buys a new house and Tian Fei is cheated by usury

Fiancee episode 26: LAN Xiaoyi buys a new house

Manager Shen called LAN Xiaoyi in the middle of the night and asked him to work the next day. LAN Xiaoyi used eyebrow pencil shoes, very distressed. The next day, the star plays big card, LAN Xiaoyi is very anxious, but his attitude is also very tough. LAN Xiaoyi calls the monkey and gets some comfort. The monkey said he invited LAN Xiaoyi to dinner. LAN Xiaoyi got the Commission of the business and was very happy. LAN Xiaoyi came to the new house and took pictures everywhere. Tian Fei always can't borrow money, and once again had a dispute with Xiao Lu. Tian Fei never borrowed a million yuan. Xiaolu was very worried. Tian Fei guesses that Xiaolu's father has bad intentions, but Xiaolu takes out the house property certificate and intends to help Tianfei borrow money. Tianfei immediately goes to coax Xiaolu to be happy. Xiao Lu asks Tian Fei if he can borrow money from LAN Xiaoyi. Tian Fei is very surprised. LAN Xiaoyi bought a special toilet, but the other party is not responsible for the delivery. Blue small Yi is very anxious, can only find a passing man to help transport. Transport to the upstairs after the other side play to rely on, small blue deliberately pretended to call his brother, and finally shipped to the house.

LAN Xiaoyi plans to decorate the house and sees Tian Fei as a result. Tian Fei plans to borrow money from LAN Xiaoyi, who says he has no money at all. Tian Fei thought that the other side was still hating himself, but LAN Xiaoyi really didn't have money. LAN Xiaoyi takes monkey and Arvin to see the new house. Her sister calls and invites LAN Xiaoyi to her home for a party. Tian Fei returned home and said that he had not borrowed any money. Tian Fei came to the usury company, intended to borrow money with the house mortgage. Xiaolu doubts that the check is not reliable, Tian Fei is very optimistic. At this time, Tian Fei received a phone call saying that the purchase was over. Tian Fei was very desperate. Tian Fei and Xiaolu have a dispute again. Tian Fei goes back to pay the bill, but the other party asks for 1.1 million yuan. Tian Fei is very angry. Tian Fei and Xiao Lu have a dispute again. Monkey mother always don't like LAN Xiaoyi, monkey sister quickly advise mother. LAN Xiaoyi and a Wen come to the monkey's house for a banquet. The monkey mother takes LAN Xiaoyi out to talk alone. The monkey mother feels that Lan Xiaoyi is not worthy of her son. LAN Xiaoyi says that she and monkey are just friends.

The monkey was very embarrassed when he heard the conversation. The monkey confessed to LAN Xiaoyi and asked for permission to help each other. LAN Xiaoyi wants to work on her own. Monkey mother again advised the monkey not to be with LAN Xiaoyi, Shen Xue is a better choice. Tian Fei was sitting in the stock market alone, looking desperate. Tian Fei is very surprised to see monkey sister driving a BMW with blue Xiaoyi. Tian Fei and Xiao Lu go home to celebrate their father's birthday. Tian Fei says that he will work hard. Xiao Lu's mother quarrels with Tian Fei again. When Xiao Lu's father talks about borrowing the car, Tian Fei knows that the car he borrowed is not really LAN Xiaoyi's. LAN Xiaoyi began to decorate the house, although busy but very happy. LAN Xiaoyi carries a big bag and a small bag to go to other companies to talk about business, and partner with a very tacit understanding. LAN Xiaoyi is very successful in her work and feels very happy.