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Lao Youyi 40 episode plot: Jiang Kaiguo and Jiang Duofu two old people climbing the great wall are i

The plot of episode 40

Jiang Kaiguo said goodbye to Yu Miao and told him he was going back to Tongcheng. Yu Miao is also about to become a father, hoping that when he faces his own children, he will experience the pains of his parents. Fang Qiong came to Jiangkai state to say goodbye to him. Jiang Kaiguo realized that Mulan had given up the opportunity to be a store manager. He felt guilty that he could not let his daughter sacrifice his future for himself. Jiang Kaiguo discussed with his grandfather, and they decided to leave without saying goodbye and return to Tongcheng to live alone without dragging Mulan. This is the greatest love that a father gives to his daughter. Jiang Kaiguo is ready to leave for a trip to the Great Wall, which is his grandfather's wish. Two old men groped for the Great Wall. Two old people climbing the Great Wall in winter aroused the idea of several tourists. Jiangkaiguo was led to the Great Wall by Jiang Duofu. They took photos and prepared to go home. At this time, Jiang Duofu's brain began to be confused and did not know the way. He took Jiang Kaiguo to the barren mountain, and they lost their way. On the way, Jiang Duofu fell down the hillside and hurt his leg. Jiang Kaiguo and his grandfather were in a desperate situation, but he thought Mulan must be very anxious to find himself, so he pulled his grandfather to cheer up. For Mulan, he couldn't die in the mountains like this. He had to find a way out!

Mulan heard Jiang Kaiguo left her a message, two old people are ready to leave Beijing, Mulan do not let Mulan look. Mulan is so anxious that she calls Jiang Kaiguo, but Jiang Kaiguo's phone is broken. Mulan went to the police station to call the police. Police confirmed that they did not leave Beijing by vehicle. Tourists provide clues to see two old people in the Great Wall. Mulan and many volunteers went into the mountain to find two old people. Mulan fainted during the search. When she woke up, she was surrounded by colleagues from the supermarket. They all comforted Mulan and told her not to worry. The supermarket organized a search and rescue team to enter the Great Wall spontaneously. Fang Qiong also called Mulan to cheer her up. Mulan felt the warmth of human feelings. In her most difficult time, there are so many kind people to lend a helping hand.