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Let's get married 48 episode story: Xue Sumei finds out that carambola's divorce is indeed in tears

Let's get married episode 48 story: Jiao Yang and the others say happy birthday together. Everyone laughs and gets out of the way. As expected, they dance and walk in front of carambola. It turns out that all these are carefully arranged. Carambola smears the cake on his face angrily. The two people chase each other and jump into the water. They hug and kiss each other in the water.

LAN Caiping tells Xue Sumei that Lao Li can't live alone now. Li Kui may send her to a nursing home. Xue Sumei feels a little distressed when she hears that the owner of the opposite house wants to rent the house. She thinks of Lao Li and keeps the house.

Xue Sumei went to the hospital to tell Lao Li that he hoped that he would move to the opposite side of the hospital. Lao Li promised to leave the hospital immediately. Carambola and carambola were excited to choose furniture for him. They went to see the house together. Carambola took everyone away, leaving only Lao Li and Xue Sumei.

Xue Sumei simply explained and ran away. Xue Sumei met LAN Caiping when she went to arrange the wedding with carambola. They learned that the wedding of carambola and lanweiwei was in the same place at the same time. They were very angry. They refused to do it together or change the time and place. When they returned home, Xue Sumei angrily told Su Qing about it, and Su Qing kept persuading her Solution.

On the other hand, LAN Caiping tells her family about this. Lan Wei doesn't tell her that carambola is going to divorce. LAN Caiping is very happy to beat Xue Sumei and tells Liu Xiu about it.

When Xue Sumei was chatting with Liu Xiu, she learned that carambola and carambola were really divorcing. Xue Sumei went to the home to look for Yee Yee and carambola. At the door, she met a couple who were happy to come back. Xue Sumei was stunned there, and the carambola and carambola came back home in a rush.

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