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Another happiness 29 episode plot: he Yumei blocks Zhang Jiuli from finding happiness again

Special happiness episode 29

Jiuli brings back a girl named Xiaoli, Leng is to let he Yumei stir yellow. Jiuli put down the cruel words, but also constantly take the girl home, angry he Yumei. He Yumei couldn't bear it. She told Li Guixiang about the divorce. She also changed her way to take the girl home.

Lao Zhang knew Jiuli and he Yumei's divorce, and could not afford to be stimulated to live in the hospital again. Yuanyuan finds a doctor with excellent medical skills to operate on Lao Zhang through an acquaintance. I didn't expect that this doctor was doctor Shi Wei who met by chance while eating noodles in a restaurant.

Lao Zhang's operation was very successful. Yuanyuan admires Shi Wei's medical skills and moral character. He specially invites Shi Wei to have a meal. He feels warm in his heart. As Li Guixiang goes home to cook, Lao Zhang runs out of the hospital. He finds Gao Fei and tells him the truth. He wants Gao Fei to return to Liao min.