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Old Youyi 36 episode plot: Mulan returns to supermarket, yazhijiang opens country and gets married

the truth of Mulan's planting is revealed, and Jiang Kaiguo's care and help for Fang Qiong, will Lei Songhua ask Mulan to return to the supermarket again? Will Yazhi live in a nursing home? What will happen to Jiang Kaiguo and Yazhi's Twilight love? Let's focus on the 36 episodes of laoyouyi.

The plot of episode 36

Lei Songhua invited Mulan back to the supermarket, Mulan began to hesitate. She has just made some achievements in the e-commerce industry, and netcity has decided to give her a raise. But the supermarket has her feelings of 11 years, and she is reluctant to give up those old customers. After discussing with lvxi, Mulan decided to go back to the supermarket. Jiang Kaiguo cooks by himself and lets the old people get together. Lei Songhua and Mulan also participate. Fang Qiong asks Lei Songhua to learn more about Mulan. Jiang Zhixin really moved out to live. Jia Xingmei cried in front of the empty room. She knew that her son could not forgive her. Director Peng told the old people that the nursing home was to be demolished because it was going to build a building. The old people were very sad and didn't know when to meet again. President Peng promised that he would find a new place to open the nursing home again. The old people all said goodbye. Jiang Kaiguo digs a rose from the garden because Yazhi likes it best. Yazhi said goodbye to Jiang Kaiguo and expressed his wish that he would return to his hometown in Anhui one day and return to his roots when he died.

Yazhi goes home with Yu Miao, and Tianmi wants to send Ya Zhi to work. Yazhi said she would never serve her son and daughter-in-law again. She came back to inform them that she was going to marry Jiang Kaiguo, and that she was going to get married in a dignified manner. She also wants to pursue her own happiness. Both Tian MI and Yu Miao can't react. They are surprised to find that the cowardly Yazhi has changed and is no longer a submissive old woman. Jiang Kaiguo rejected Yazhi because he was completely blind and could not drag him down. Yazhi goes to Mulan, who criticizes Jiang's old idea of founding a country. She said the marriage was settled, and she would get the certificate in two days. Jiang Kaiguo proposed to Yazhi, and they were very happy that they were finally going to achieve the right result.