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Special happiness 25 episode plot: Zhang Yuanyuan is arrested for blackmail Zhang Jiuli

Special happiness episode 25

Li Guixiang learned that Lao Zhang had left Liao min a share of the demolition money. Out of fear of family discord, Li Guixiang told Jiuli and he Yumei. He Yumei found Liao min and advised her to give up. Jiuli also found Lao Zhang, hoping that he could change his mind and take back Liao min's share. Otherwise, he refused to sign the demolition agreement, and his father and son almost turned against each other.

Yuan yuan into the operating room to do the flow of people, he Wenqing but received a call to the press to talk about his poetry. Liao min received a call to the hospital to take care of Yuanyuan.

Yuanyuan's heart knot has not been untied, and he is still hostile to Liao min. after returning home, Liao min reveals to Lao Zhang a little bit about Yuanyuan's unhappy life, hoping that he will care more about Yuanyuan.

Lao Zhang visited Yuanyuan's daughter for the first time because of Liao min's kindness. Seeing the palm print on her face, he guessed eighteen nine. In order not to let his father worry, Yuanyuan and he Wenqing staged a love show between husband and wife.

He came to Jiuli's company again and told Jiuli that the reason why Jiuxiang was partial to Jiuxiang was that Jiuxiang suffered from congenital heart disease. Jiuli finally understood his father's hard work.

Qiao Jie blackmailed Jiuli and claimed 20000 yuan from Jiuli for Liu Jiaqi's miscarriage sequelae, and Jiuli promised to give it to Jiuli the next day for the sake of peace. He Yumei followed Jiuli, who went to the bank to withdraw money, and knew about Qiao Jie's money error. She immediately called 110 and called the police and brought Qiao Jie into the police station.