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What is the tortuous love story between ER Shu and Xiao Wei?

Yu Xiaoguang, Shi Ke, Li Xinyi and other leading actors, and famous director Xi Xin, directed the large-scale Emotional TV drama "Er Shu" is coming to an end. The second uncle played by Yu Xiaoguang and Xiaowei played by Li Xinyi are the first love of each other, but it's a pity that fate makes people, and it's hard to have a lover. The couple, who are deeply in love with each other, have gone through all kinds of hardships. For this performance, Yu Xiaoguang and Li Xinyi both said that they were beyond imagination.

The furthest distance in the world

In the TV series "Er Shu", the hero Er Shu Er Zhiqiang (Yu Xiaoguang) is different from his appearance. He is a man of infatuation and specialization. The woman he loves most and only in his life is his first love Xiaowei (Li Xinyi). In order to let Xiaowei's mother agree with his association with Xiaowei, he can force himself to study for college entrance examination. When he knows that Wei is going to betray himself and marry others, he is also waiting for Xiaowei to change his mind; Even though Xiaowei has been married for many years, he can still help and rescue her after hearing that she is in trouble. On the contrary, although Xiaowei is deeply in love with her second uncle, she still chooses a doctor with a bright future as her partner out of her worries about her mother and her future life. However, at the last moment before marriage, Xiaowei realizes that she is still in love with her second uncle and wants to break the engagement with the doctor. Unexpectedly, the accident happened, and the end of the love between Xiaowei and the second uncle ended. In response to Tagore's famous poem: "the furthest distance in the world is not that you don't know how I miss you, but that we love each other but can't be together. '

Li Xinyi: This is the most cruel love I have ever had

Li Xinyi, a new generation actor well known by the audience for "ugly girl invincible", plays Xiaowei, the first girlfriend of the second uncle in the TV series "second uncle". Looking back on the shooting process of the play, Li Xinyi said that Yu Xiaoguang took good care of himself: "our shooting team has a very good relationship. Yu Xiaoguang and I have a lot of rivals. Although his second uncle has a very big temper, in fact, he is very gentlemanly and gentle. In the process of acting, he can make me enter the state quickly. When talking about the feelings of shooting "second uncle", Li Xinyi stressed that: "this play is really cruel! It has never been so cruel. Xiaoguang and I played the first love in the drama, especially in childhood. We had deep feelings. As a result, the sweet time is very short, basically two people because of the emotional suffering. In this play, I have crying in almost every scene. There was a farewell play. I knelt on my knees. After shooting, my knees were all worn out and the whole person was crying. However, the effect was very good and was recognized by everyone. I think it is worth it. '