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Episode 36 of Jianfeng: Dai Caixia's identity is discovered; Liao Wushi tiger successfully infiltrat

Action Sirius episode 36

Er GA Zi suspects the identity of Liao Wu and others, and finds that Dai Caixia is actually the best. Just in case, Shi Hu decides to leave Dai Caixia in the mountains, leaving Chen qiuxue and Liao Wu to follow them to the Japanese warehouse. Dai Caixia sneaks out and reports the situation to the trees. Unexpectedly, she is discovered by ergazi. After seeing the warehouse, Shi Hu asks the two men to go back and report to the leader. However, Chen qiuxue and Liao Wu hope to find out the situation in the warehouse. Liao Wu and Shi Hu beat down the soldiers of the patrol team and mixed into the warehouse in their clothes.