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Episode 35 of Jianfeng: Lao Shen is captured by Japanese army and severely tortured by Liao wushihu

Sirius action episode 35 plot: Liao Wu discusses borrowing the name of the green dragon Gang to find out about Shi Hu. At the Sirius internal meeting, Liao Wu expressed his doubts about Dai Caixia, but Shen Zhucheng and Chen qiuxue were on her side because she had tried her best. At Dai Caixia's request, Chen qiuxue takes her and Liao Wu to Panshan for investigation. Mother Marilyn secretly sent LAN min and Wu Qingqing to safety by changing clothes. Because his identity was exposed, Lao Shen was captured by the Japanese army and was severely tortured. Liao Wu and others came to Panshan. In the name of Li Hongling, they went to Panshan warehouse with Shi Hu to inquire about the situation.