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How does Linda hide the secret of secret marriage in the most beautiful time?

The TV series the most beautiful time, which is adapted from the famous writer Tonghua's original novel the secret buried by time, is being shot in Hangzhou. Jiang Yijia, a new generation of actress, plays Linda, a powerful woman in the play. She has the secret of secret marriage. Facing the control of men's workplace, she has to launch a career defense war.

Jiang Yijia has made her mark in the film and television circles for her roles as Yu Qi in the popular idol drama "go to see the meteor shower", Su Qin in the era drama "Qipao", and Gong Peng in the TV series "the great cause of the founding of the people's Republic of China". As early as the beginning of the preparation, director Zeng Lizhen attached great importance to Linda, an important figure like a catalyst of workplace emotion in the play. She said that this role should not only be strong and smart, but also show a unique fragile and sensitive side of women. It is this characteristic that makes her step by step lead her into the plight of the workplace. Such a good and evil role, coupled with the drama with many powerful stars, for the film and television star Jiang Yijia is also a big challenge.

"The most beautiful time" tells about the love war between men and women in the workplace. The heroine Su man (played by Zhang Junning) is a standard workplace ol. In order to achieve ten years of pure love, she resolutely goes from high to low. She starts as a small employee in the company of her lover Song Yi (played by Jia Nailiang), but Lu Licheng (played by Zhong Hanliang), the top boss of the industry, gradually falls in love with her in the process of getting along step by step. Su man was originally a very simple girl, longing for pure love, but she could not escape the fate of reality. On the one hand, she is the most beautiful ten years of pure love in her life, and on the other hand is the silent protection around her. Life is changing. When the secret behind the time is gradually revealed, Su man re sorts out her feelings after learning from her painful experience. The emotional conflicts of the whole TV series are constant, and the complicated workplace competition environment will detonate the emotional explosion points one by one. And Linda, played by Jiang Yijia, repeatedly makes moves in the workplace struggle, which brings a lot of crisis and test to the protagonist.

When talking about the role of Linda, Jiang Yijia said that it's not so easy to be a strong woman in the workplace. In order to understand the work pressure of the people in the drama, the pressure of hidden marriage has consumed almost all his efforts and made him nervous. There is a play against Zhong Hanliang in the office. Linda, a strong woman, not only has to show a gentle and generous side to Su man, but also bears the questioning of Lu Licheng, a colleague in the dark. When Lu Licheng was on the side, he suddenly felt helpless and vulnerable. Linda's strength is more of a necessity. Who can understand the secret behind her.