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Love shining 33 episode plot: what is the relationship between grandma Zhen Zhu and Kang Mu? Kang Li

Love shining episode 33: Kang Mu meets Zhen Zhu

Zhang Kefeng came to the office and watched a child rummage around here. Zhang Kefeng patiently teaches children not to rummage about others' things. Kang Linlin doesn't like Zhen Zhu very much. She deliberately comes to Zhen Zhu's side to remind her not to try to rob her. Zhang Mu and Zhang Kefeng come to the restaurant for dinner. Zhang Mu and Zhang Kefeng talk about the hospital. At the same time, they say that kanglinlin has just arrived in the inland and is not familiar with the place of life. Therefore, they hope that Zhang Kefeng can take kanglinlin around to have a look, which is also to promote the feelings of Zhang Kefeng and kanglinlin. Zhen Zhu came to the hospital and saw Zhang Kefeng's colleagues talking about Zhang Kefeng buying a camera.

Zhen Zhu hears that Zhang Kefeng bought a brand new camera and feels very guilty immediately. Thinking of the fact that he and Zhang Kefeng were together, he inadvertently said that there was no camera. Zhang Kefeng said that he could send a camera to Zhen Zhu. When Zhang Kefeng told himself, he didn't say that his camera was a new one, and even deliberately said that it was something he used. Zhen Zhu thinks of the things Zhang Kefeng got along with before, and suddenly feels a little bit moved. Grandma Zhen Zhu and Zhen Zhu came to the hospital to see a doctor, but they met Kang Mu in the hospital. Kang's mother saw Zhen Zhu's grandmother, but at this time Kang's mother called out Zhen Zhu's grandmother's mother. Grandma Zhen Zhu doesn't like Kang's mother. She is indifferent to each other's attitude and even says she doesn't know each other at all. Kang's mother was so sad that she even fell into a coma after Zhen Zhu left. At this time, Zhen Zhu's grandmother also disappeared, and Zhen Zhu was very anxious to look everywhere.

Grandma Zhen Zhu is worried about Kang's mother finding Zhen Zhu, so she asks Zhen Zhu to go to work in the company. But Zhen Zhu works in the company. Because of what happened, she lost her mind at work. When she saw Zhen Zhu, she went to accuse the other party on purpose. Zhen Zhu was ridiculed. Even after Kang Linlin left, she had to be told by little white sister. Zhang Kefeng saw a doctor in the hospital who wanted to change shifts, because he really had something to do. Zhang Kefeng was very anxious to see his colleagues, and immediately decided to help each other.