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Plot of 30 episodes of Jianfeng: can Wu Baoshan kill Zhao Changfeng and Zhen Hanzhang be executed by

Action Sirius episode 30

Lanmin decides to join Sirius. Chen qiuxue and Liao Wu both agree. But because Dai Caixia's identity is unknown, Chen qiuxue decides to let her stay in the hotel and send her out of the city later. Wu Baoshan took the opportunity to kill Zhao Changfeng and take the plain clothes team under his command. According to Lao Shen's information, private villas and Jingxin Dojo may be Zhen Hanzhang's hiding place. According to Liao Wu's tracking, it is impossible to determine the specific place. Wu Qingqing, who was crouching, found geisha coming in and out. Sirius decided to dress up as a geisha and sneak into the ashram to execute Zhen Hanzhang.