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Plot of Jianfeng 27 episode: Zhen Hanzhang intends to collude with the Japanese army Xu Qingping to

Action Sirius 27: Wu Qingqing steals two printing plates and many French coins. He thinks he is rich. Shen Zhucheng found that these were counterfeit coins. He and Liao Wu both saw that the printing plate was actually the printing plate of counterfeit coins. The purpose of the Japanese was to disturb the order of China's financial market, and then they quickly sent it to Li Yinlong's department. According to the leader's instructions, Sirius needs to continue to thoroughly investigate and screen all tasks of Han Zhang's arrival in Tianjin, and stop his intention to collude with the Japanese. Xu Qingping is suddenly attacked by an unidentified person, but her Kung Fu is the same as her own, which makes her very confused.