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Plot of 24 close friends in the boudoir: Xu Lele is mistaken for he Manli's scapegoat

Plot of the 24th episode of intimate friend in boudoir: Lin Sijia receives a picture of Li Qiuyang dating he Manli on the seventh day of the seventh day. But Lin Sijia didn't know that the woman she was dating with Li Qiuyang was he Manli. Lin Sijia comes to he Manli's office and asks her what's going on. He Manli said it must have been done by someone who wanted to bring down imes. But Lin Sijia said the man in the picture was indeed Li Qiuyang, and he was not at home last night.

Lin Sijia wants to send the photo to Li Qiuyang and ask him to give an explanation. He Manli stopped. She said that maybe someone deliberately wanted to destroy the relationship between their husband and wife. She also said that Scarlett was cheated easily. Lin Sijia said that when she saw the photos, the whole person was confused because she and Li Qiuyang had not been married for so many years.

After Lin Sijia left, he Manli called to ask Xu Lele out for dinner. When Lin Sijia left the company, he met Zhao Yong and others. One of them said to Lin Sijia, would the person in the film be Xu Lele. Lin Sijia said after listening, it can't be Xu Lele, because Xu Lele is his former Secretary, and she also knows Xu Lele's character. At this time, trillion Yong and others also said the day before the Qixi Festival, Li Qiuyang sent mail to Li Qiuyang, and also bought perfume for Li Qiuyang. After hearing this, Lin Sijia said that she didn't expect such a big change to take place in such a short time.

Xu Lele told he Manli that the picture of Li Qiuyang was seen by many people in the company. She also asked if the person in the picture of he Manli was her. She admitted that she only had dinner with clients in Wenzhou with Li Qiuyang that day. He Manli said that now the skirt is on Xu Lele, so others suspect that she is the one who is dating Li Qiuyang. After hearing this, Xu Lele said that for the company's reputation and the relationship between he Manli and Lin Sijia, she would not tell the story.

When Lin Sijia got home, she dialed her new cell phone number on the landline. She knew that it was Sijia who called, so she didn't answer it. After hanging up, Li Qiuyang rang the landline. Li Qiuyang told Lin Sijia that he had arrived home. He Manli calls Li Qiuyang and tells him that their photos of eating and dancing on the Chinese Valentine's day have been taken and posted on Weibo. She also says that she will take full responsibility no matter what happens.

At the meeting the next day, Zhao Yong asked if he Manli had read the microblog. He also said he would like to thank Wenzhou customers for pigeoning, which allowed him and Li Qiuyang to have a good night together. He Manli asked Zhao Yong if he had sent the photos and microblogs. Zhao Yong said that he Manli overestimated himself, and he said that he didn't have such a high IQ.

Lin Sijia dials the number of the late night text message with Li Qiuyang. As he Manli was explaining, Xu Lele answers the phone for her. Lin Sijia hears Xu Lele's voice and immediately hangs up. Zhao Yong tells Xu Lele to go to the archives for information. At this time, Lin Sijia calls he Manli again. He Manli turns off her mobile phone when she knows it's from Lin Sijia. Lin Sijia dialed Xu Lele's phone again, and he Manli hung up Lin Sijia's phone after seeing it. Seeing that Xu Lele didn't answer his phone, Lin Sijia angrily went to the company to find Xu Lele.