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Episode 26 of Jianfeng: Jiwu youth in Dechuan successfully steals the private items of Zhen Hanzhang

Action Sirius episode 26

Liao Wu uses the plain clothes team to give the foreman a message, so that Chen qiuxue and Wu Qingqing, disguised as waiters, know that the plan is going on as usual. At the beginning of the ceremony, Cheng Qinghong, in full dress, enters the banquet hall accompanied by Shen Zhucheng. The first dance is invited by Dechuan, and Li Hongling appears in time. Please go to Dechuan. Cheng Qinghong was alone with Zhen Hanzhang as a journalist in Tianjin. At this time, Sirius will burn the fuse, green red will take out the key, and black green will slip into the room. Zhen Hanzhang discovers that the key is missing, and immediately asks Dechuan to lock Cheng Qinghong down. LAN min attacks Zhen Hanzhang again. Sirius mixes up and brings back the injured items LAN min and Wu Qingqing took out of the safe. Tokugawa became angry with embarrassment.