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The most beautiful time Episode 6: Su man and Lu Licheng meet on the street, song Xu receives an une

The most beautiful time Episode 6 Introduction

Su man came to the company aisle with a carton in her hand. Suddenly, she heard a man's voice behind a door. Listening to the man's voice, Su man felt very strange. After curiosity, she went to the door and pushed the door inside. She found Linda standing with a male colleague.

Male colleagues did not find Su man. He took a box of rice and shoved it into Linda's hands. She was kind enough to persuade her not to be angry. After listening to what her male colleagues said, Su man realized that Linda had already married her male colleagues.

Taking advantage of Linda's inattention, Su man goes back to the hall of the company, and a female colleague comes over and talks about Linda's behavior with her. In the eyes of colleagues, Lin Da turns out to be an old unmarried woman with a strange personality. After listening to her female colleagues, Su man knows that Linda has been hiding the marriage.

At night, Su man returns home to have a rest. He goes online to chat with Song Yi. Song Yi reveals that there will be a lunar eclipse in the evening. Su man comes to the window curiously, looks up in the air, and mutters what Song Yi said on the Internet before. Song Yi plans to go out after getting on the net and wearing hair. Just as he is about to turn around and walk out of the room, he suddenly sees the photo of his late girlfriend. He looks at the photo of his girlfriend on the table. He can't help but come to the table and look at the photo quietly.

Su man came to the street to watch the eclipse, and Lu Licheng took photos on the street. After the eclipse, he saw Su man looked wrong. He went to talk with Su man and revealed that a work project would be built by a team soon. At that time, he hoped that Su man could join the team.

Su man is in a low mood. He politely rejects Lu Licheng's request. Lu Licheng asks Su man what he wants to do when he joins the company. Su man doesn't want to reveal the real reason. He accuses Lu Licheng of being a dictator. He turns to his home.

Song Yi gives up the chance to watch the eclipse and continues to stay at home to surf the Internet. Su man gets discouraged when he returns home, so he has to continue to persuade Song Yi not to remember his old girlfriend, but to take the chance to fall in love with other girls.

Lu Licheng called several employees to the office to talk, hoping that all of them would work together to start the new project. After arranging different tasks for each employee, Lu Licheng told all employees to work with 12 points of spirit. Because Su man didn't attend the meeting, Lu Licheng publicized the meeting and left Helen to ask her why she didn't attend the meeting.

Su man is forced to join Lu Licheng's new project team. In order to clear up her troubles, she goes to a Youyong museum to work with a friend Youyong.

Song Yi returns to work and finds that someone has prepared something new for him. Besides some new stationery, there is a drink on the table.

Lu Licheng drives Su man and others to the work place. On the way, someone calls Su man, who speaks loudly on the phone. He thinks that Su man works in a broken company. Su man knows that the phone sounds very loud, so he quickly reaches for his hand and covers it in a hurry. However, Lu Licheng and others hear it clearly.