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The most beautiful time Episode 5 plot: Song Yi pays homage to Xu qiusu man. Do you know Linda's hid

The most beautiful time Episode 5: Song Yi's memorial ceremony for Xu Qiu

Su man asks Song Yi to come to his group. Song Yi says that Lu always transfers her to that group? Su man says that Lu always only arranges her to be a clerk. Song Yi said that his team doesn't need a support clerk for the time being, and everything has to be done according to the rules, so I'm sorry.

Su man hurried to the hospital to see Yang Yang, and asked her if she had a boy or a girl. Lu Licheng said that both boys and girls had. Su man asked him why he was here. Yang Yang said that as soon as Shao Shuai got off work, he came here. Su man secretly said to Yang Yang, isn't Shaoshuai coming to urge her to work? Lu Li apologized to Yang Yang for working overtime. Yang Yang said doctors said she was born prematurely, even if she didn't work overtime. Lu Licheng and Su man go to see Yang Yang's baby together. Lu Licheng says that the blue boy is like himself, and he is sure to have a future. Su man said that the pink baby girl is so cute that she must be as smart as herself in the future. Lu Licheng and Yang Yang's husband say no, the blue one is a girl and the pink one is a boy.

Su man rushed to Lu Licheng's car to take a ride. On the way, she confessed that she had no purpose to come to mcgou and would not pose any threat to him. More importantly, she would not make any material damage to mcgou. Lu Licheng asked her why she came here. Su man said it was only for personal reasons. Lu Licheng guesses that she's only here for people. At the same time, she guesses that she did those things before Alex went to mcgou. Su man asked him not to guess. Lu Licheng said that she was so interested in copying the materials that day. Was there anyone interested in her? Let her go from this group. Is she going to join the Alex group? Suman nervously asked him to stop talking and ask him to stop.

Su man goes to Mrs. Ning's shop. Lu Licheng follows him. Su man blames him for following him all the time. Lu Licheng greets the Daning couple. At this time, Su man knows that they know each other, and then she leaves in a hurry. At night, Su man fell asleep. At this time, she heard the MSN news and stood up to see that Song Yi had sent it. She was so excited. She has a lot of things to say to Song Yi, but she can't say them. She's so depressed. Song Yi says he hasn't been on MSN for a long time. Many alumni have lost touch with him. Who is she? Su man says she is two times lower than him. She has seen him play basketball before and picked up the ball for him. At the end of the chat, Su man said to herself, "fool, they met every day, and then kissed Song Yi's picture.".

Lu Licheng goes to work and finds Su man lying on the table there. He comes and finds that she has changed to buy tea today. When he picks up the tea and is ready to drink, Su man grabs it and drinks it in three or two. Su man peeks out of Alex's office. Lin xiner comes with the document. Su man comes to help, but learns that Song Yi is off today. Colleagues speculated that Alex would have a date today?

Song Yi goes to Xu Qiu's tomb to visit her with flowers. Xu's mother accuses Song Yi of not cherishing Xu Qiu's life, but pestering him after he died. She asks him not to pester him anymore. Song Yi knows that his mistakes can't be made up by any means. His aunt asks him not to come back and sprinkle salt on their wounds. Song Yi promises not to disturb them again. When his aunt asked him to leave, Song Yi said he just wanted to send Xu Qiu a bunch of flowers because she liked the flowers she sent most.

On the way back, Mrs. Xu called Xu Zhongjin. Zhongjin asked his wife to explain to qiuer, because he was too busy to go back to see her. Madam said that Song Yi also went today. Xu Zhongjin was very angry at this. Later, he told his wife that he would send someone to investigate and see what the purpose of Song Yi's return was?

Malatang Xu lianshuang received a phone call from her mother. Her mother said that today is her sister's day of sacrifice. How could she not go to worship? Xu lianshuang said when she had a sister? In her father's heart, she was the only baby daughter. Mother accused Xu lianshuang of being too ignorant. Xu lianshuang dismissed her mother because she was busy at work. Su man has a head-on conflict with Lin Da. Later, Su man overhears the news of Lin Da's hidden marriage.