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Plot of 20 episodes of Jianfeng: Liao Wu and a Yu enter Dagang prison to save the life of Hei eldest

Action Sirius Episode 20

Liao Wu and a Yu pretended to be Lin Lin and Xu Qingping, who were sent to Dagang prison for trial. A Yu finds Chen qiuxue and goes to save Lao Wang. What he finds is Wang San who always calls himself "Lao Wang". In the process of launching the escape of Chinese laborers from the whole prison, black eldest sister is dueling with Li Hongling, and the two fight to death. But at a critical moment, black elder sister blocked the bullet for Li Hongling. Before she died, she finally saw the truth of the incident and reconciled with Li Hongling. On the way out of prison, the car broke down suddenly, but several people had to split up. Liao Wu escapes from the pursuit of the Japanese army with Li Hongling injured on his back. Shen Zhucheng turns to the Japanese army after Chen qiuxue's advice.