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Plot of 20 episodes of close friends in boudoir: he Manli meets Qin Tian and is arrested. Will Lin S

Friends in the boudoir Episode 20

When Lin Sijia was sorting out the clothes that he Manli left at home, she found a receipt of 150000 US dollars that he Manli remitted to LV Shigang in her pocket. Lin Sijia knows that she mistakenly thought that the gold card was given to he Manli by LV Shigang, her father, but he Manli had already returned. Lin Sijia suspects that he Manli must have something to hide from herself.

Jing Yi knows that after she moved out of Lin Sijia's house, she wants her to move to her own house. He Manli refused. She told Jing Yi not to worry about herself. She said she was different from a few months ago. Now she has a job and her friends. After hearing what he Manli said, Jingyi still wanted her to move to her home at first. But she said that if she moved to her house, her memories that had not been easily forgotten would be recalled. See he Manli say so, Jing Yi also no longer insist.

He Manli meets Qin Tian and is accidentally seen by many people. Tell Grandma that he Manli has been seen. Because Li Qiuyang's mother didn't wear glasses, she couldn't see him clearly, but they saw the man who was with him, who had a gold watch on his hand. Li Qiuyang's mother thought he Manli had talked about her boyfriend. She was very happy.

Tell his mother Lin Sijia that he Manli is with a man. Lin Sijia didn't believe it at first, but Duo Duo and Li Qiuyang's mother insisted again and again. Lin Sijia had to believe it, but she thought he Manli had a boyfriend and should tell herself at the first time. Li Qiuyang's mother said that she bought a set of bedding for he Manli on the Internet a few days ago. She asked Lin Sijia and Li Qiuyang to send it to her tomorrow to see where she lives.

Jing Yi tells Gu ran where he Manli has moved out of Lin Sijia's house. Gu ran asks where he Manli has moved. Jing Yi said she didn't know, but she had a delivery note from he Manli, so she asked Gu ran to follow her car to see if it was he Manli's home. Li Qiuyang and Lin Sijia bring a lot to he Manli's home. Lin Sijia asks if he Manli met a man yesterday. He Manli said that's what the matchmaking company introduced to her.

Gu ran brought the potted plants to he Manli's house. He was very happy to see Lin Sijia at he Manli's house, but he was not very happy when he saw Li Qiuyang. Lin Sijia and Gu ran help he Manli put the potted plants together. Lin Sijia asked he Manli to go to see Professor Miller together. He Manli didn't want to go, so she found various excuses to get rid of her.

Lin Sijia said to Gu ran that she would ask Professor Miller personally why Cornell University didn't admit her at the beginning. Hearing the conversation between Lin Sijia and Gu ran, he Manli thought of the letter she had written for Lin Sijia to refuse admission to Cornell University. After everyone left, he Manli thought of the mistake she had made in her first thought. She felt sorry for Lin Sijia all her life.

He Manli asked Qin Tian to meet her. She told her story of withdrawing Lin Sijia's admission notice in that year as a third party and asked Qin Tian what to do. Qin Tian said that he should not confess this matter, but should use another way to solve it.