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Plot of 19 episodes of close friends in boudoir: will the relationship between he Manli and Qin Tian

Friends in the boudoir episode 19

She moved to the house Qin Tian introduced her to. He Manni was very moved to see the daily necessities Qin Tian prepared for herself. Qin Tian told He Manni when he left that there might be a typhoon tonight, so he prepared an umbrella for her. Lin Sijia was worried about hermanie when she saw the TV screen about the typhoon.

At dinner, Lin asked everyone what she had to eat in the evening when she moved out. A lot of answers said to eat instant noodles. Lin Sijia heard that eating instant noodles is not nutritious. Lin Sijia said that she would leave as soon as he Manni said, and she didn't even fight with her when she called. She also asked Li Qiuyang to accompany her to see Manni and bring her some food. Li Qiuyang's mother said that how can't she take care of her life when she is so big? She also said that it's not easy to drive when it's windy and heavy rain.

Lin Sijia calls her, but she doesn't answer. Qin Tian bought the food and sent it to he Manni's house. He Manni took a towel to wipe Qin Tian's wet body. How could he come out in such a heavy rain. Qin Tian replied that it was because of the heavy rain that she had to come out, because she knew it would rain and Manni would not go out to buy food.

Lin Sijia said to Li Qiuyang that she heard that he Manni was crying in his car. She asked Qiuyang what happened. Li Qiuyang replied that because of the flagship store, he Manni was tired, stressed and disagreed with the two vice presidents. Lin said that she thought it was a little strange that Manni had left their house. After hearing this, Li Qiuyang said to Sijia that she and Manni are close friends. She should ask about it.

Because of the heavy rain, Qin Tian couldn't go home. He Manni told Qin Tian that he would stay in his house for one night if he didn't mind. Qin Tian agreed and said he would sleep on the sofa. But after the person each sleeps down, he Manni has been very uneasy, in the middle of the night also walks downstairs to give Qin tiangai the quilt.

Neighbors asked Li Qiuyang's mother if she had left. Li Qiuyang's mother said yesterday that Scarlett sent him to school and Qiuyang went to work. Then she took a taxi and left. After hearing this, the neighbors said that he Manni had finally been driven away. Li Qiuyang's mother said that although she wanted to leave her home, she didn't drive her away. Neighbors said that she was in a good hurry. She left early and got clean. They also said that there would be problems when men and women lived together. When Lin Sijia heard the comments, she was very unhappy and sneered at them.

The next morning, when she got up, Qin Tian had left her home and prepared breakfast for her on the table. Li Qiuyang's mother said to Lin Sijia, "how can she say that to Aunt Zhao and aunt Xie? She also said that people are elders, good or bad.". After hearing this, Lin Sijia said that elders should be like elders and be respected by others.

Zhao Yong told Li Qiuyang that the basement was flooded and the billboard fell down and damaged a lamp, but there was no big loss. Li Qiuyang said to he Manni that she left just as she said last night. He also said that everyone was worried about her. Hermanie said that the place where she lives now is also very good. After hearing this, Li Qiuyang said that if you need anything in the future, just say it.