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Will her close friend, he Manli, succeed in dating? Lele knows that Gu ran and he Manli are half bro

Close friends in the boudoir Episode 17

Gu ran and Lin Sijia are spraying medicine to the red warbler. Xu Lele says he wants to spray too, but Gu ran doesn't agree. When Gu ran answers the phone, Xu Lele tells Lin Sijia that he wants to spray. Lin Sijia agrees. She also teaches Xu Lele how to spray. After Xu Lele finished spraying a bottle of liquid medicine, he picked up another bottle of spray from the ground.

After Gu ran answered the phone, seeing that Xu Lele was holding the herbicide in his hand, he asked Xu Lele if he had taken the herbicide to spray the red warbler. Xu Lele said yes, and they are all blue bottles. Gu ran scolds Xu Lele angrily again after listening. He can't force her to talk about her feelings. Xu Lele runs out of the farm crying. When Lin Sijia sees him, he tells Gu ran that he shouldn't do this to Xu Lele.

He Manli meets with the date introduced by Li Qiuyang's mother as scheduled. After the date talked about her situation, he Manli said that she was not suitable for him and left. He Manli meets Qin Tian. Qin Tian asks him to have coffee. He Manli said to Qin Tian that it's a pleasure to see three generations of Li Qiuyang's family living together, and what is she. Qin Tian said after listening, does Li Qiuyang's mother think that she has other ideas about staying in her home for too long. He Manli said that she didn't want to live in her house all the time, and it was always bad to feel like she was a stranger.

Gu Ran's mother told Xu Lele that she knew everything about yesterday. Xu Lele said that he didn't blame Gu ran for yesterday's events, and that he would not go to see her again. Gu Ran's mother said that Gu ran was too young to know what was suitable for her. Xu Lele said that Gu ran told himself that he had someone he liked.

Xu Lele asks he Manli whether she loves Gu ran or not. He Manli tells Xu Lele how she can feel that she loves Gu ran. Xu Lele said that he Manli's attitude towards Gu ran was ambiguous. He Manli said how could it be, and that she was six years older than Gu ran. Xu Lele said the online test showed that Gu ran just likes the intellectual women who are bigger than himself. He Manli said that he and Gu ran are impossible. Xu Lele asked why. He Manli said that Gu ran was his half brother, and that she could not tell anyone about it.

Xu Lele is delighted to know that Gu Ran is he Manli's younger brother. When Xu Lele took a taxi back to the company, he met director Wang and asked him to take him back to the company. Seeing that Xu Lele was so happy, director Wang asked her what was good. At first, Xu Lele said he would not tell him, but later he told him.

Zhao Yong finds Qin Tian and tells him that he Manni and Gu ran are brothers and sisters. After hearing this, Qin Tian said that he had found it for a long time. Later, Qin Tian tells Zhao Yong that he Manni did the things revealed by imes's base price last time. Qin Tian said that he Manli and Gu ran are really interesting. One hates Li Qiuyang and the other loves him.

In the evening, Lin Sijia and he Manli play cards with Li Qiuyang's mother. Li Qiuyang's mother encouraged he Manli to say, "don't worry about emotional matters, but also say that you should have confidence that you can find the right one.". At this time, Gu ran calls Lin Sijia and says that he will step on the red warbler song on Sunday morning. Lin Sijia agreed, and immediately called Xu Lele, saying that Gu ran asked them to step on the red warbler song. Xu Lele was very happy after listening.