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Plot of 18 episodes of Jianfeng: Zhu Fugui is killed; Yu Xiaodan and Zhu Dongmei escape from prison

The story of Hua Mulan joining the army for her father set a precedent for ancient Chinese women to join the army, and Hua Mulan also made the saying that women should not let men. Recently, the TV drama peak reappears the classic image of Hua Mulan. The update of the TV play makes the plot more ups and downs. Zhu Fugui wants to get the position of the gang leader and slander Lao Ma and Wang Chunmei. Will Dechuan really help him.

Action Sirius Episode 18

Women prisoners share food with Chen qiuxue's dens. Dong Jiu discovers that someone has escaped from the prison. He immediately orders that Yu Xiaodan and Zhu Dongmei should be thoroughly investigated. He kills Yu Xiaodan and Zhu Dongmei, and hangs Qiu Xue and Hong Ling in the yard. The steamed bread of a Yu Sai's note falls from Qiu Xue's hand. When Zhu Fugui saw Dechuan, he proposed that the Japanese army would obey the orders of the Japanese army if they helped him to take the position of the leader. Dechuan pretended to agree. At the Qinglong Gang meeting, Zhu hall leader falsely accused Lao Ma and Wang Chunmei. Wu Baoshan was ordered to supervise the meeting on the spot, but Zhu hall leader exposed his horse's feet and was killed. Lin Lin and Xu Qingping suspect that Sirius is ready to attack Dagang prison.