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Let's get married

Let's get married episode 34: Duan Xifeng asked for a loan of 300000 yuan from usury to Jiajia brother. He said that his gratitude and resentment should be written off. He asked him not to harass Su Qing again. As expected, he applied to yangtao for a sum of money. As the elder brother of the four swordsmen at that time, he wanted to have a dinner for his friends who had not been seen for a long time. It was 6000 yuan. The two men finally talked about 3000 yuan in half a day.

When we arrived at the club, we found that the second order of the four swordsmen had already gone to 6000. We regretted that we didn't order food in the hotel of yangtao, but we could also avoid the service fee. When we arrived, we wanted to drink red wine. We didn't know if Lafite was in case. We threatened several bottles. Yangtao wechat told him that we were stunned and worried. After a bottle of tripe, the elder brothers said that they still had a bottle. The couple couldn't stop them. They were discussing with each other. When they decided to pay the bill at last, the waiter said that they had finished it. As expected, they were waiting there first, waiting for the carambola to go back to get the card. As a result, the waiter told them that the second brother had signed the bill.

When I got home, I really lamented that I didn't mix well. I also felt that the three brothers were too good. Yang Tao sent a card to him, saying that he didn't want his husband to be stingy, but reminded him that every time he consumed her mobile phone, he would receive a prompt.

When Yang Tao got up in the middle of the night, she saw that she was cleaning her camera. She looked at the webpage of global geographic magazine and found that she was recruiting people. She put in her resume for him. Global geographic magazine called him and asked him to have an interview. As expected, Yang Tao put in her resume for him. Although he wanted to go, he hesitated, because Xu Guangmei was around the world, struggling again and again, and Yang Tao asked him to go, but she didn't tell him Yangtao agreed to the interview. He met Xu Guangmei as expected. He was asked if he was married to yangtao. He said yes, and he was happy, happy and harmonious.

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