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Let's get married

Let's get married episode 33: as expected, we finally got married with yangtao at the Civil Affairs Bureau. As expected, our former colleagues applauded and sprayed ribbon congratulations on our marriage. The memories of their acquaintance and acquaintance are vivid.

In the evening, they fell in love with each other on the rooftop. Yang Tao put on the wedding dress sadly, but her father couldn't see it. As expected, she was comforted to say that he was sent by my father to love her. They kissed each other and cried out for happiness.

The next morning, he got up early to make breakfast for the carambola and brought it to the bed to enjoy the Queen's treatment. Looking at the seaside scenery hanging in front of the bed, he promised to take the carambola and the children after him. The carambola asked the child what his name was. As expected, when he was 18 years old, he thought about it. It was called fruit. The carambola praised her husband's talent.

After receiving the certificate, the two met their parents. Xue Sumei lamented that it was not easy for the two women. Yangtao married as expected, which meant she had another son. On behalf of yangtao dad, she thanked him and said that he was her son.

The two young people didn't want to have a big wedding, but the elders said they must play gongs and drums and make a lot of noise. They were all holding their breath. Sure enough, the mother put forward the task of holding on to the children, and the new couple didn't talk to each other.

Yangtao went to work, but she came back and made dinner for her. She went to yangtao store to express her gratitude. Yangtao tried her wedding dress and showed it to her. She sighed that she was married. Yangtao said she wanted to wear her own wedding dress and supported her.

When Xue Sumei's sisters gathered, she didn't show off her son-in-law's liuwanyuan watch. She also said that her son-in-law bought her daughter a four carat diamond ring. Xue Sumei was asked to cheat them into giving her a hundred thousand necklaces as expected, but she thought it was too expensive to return. She said that it was difficult to decide the wedding ceremony venue now. Another sister said she could help them find a relationship and order the wedding venue. Xue Sumei and Thanks to mom.

In order to get married to yangtao, Su Qing, the pregnant sister, came back and exclaimed that she had not had a wedding because her parents were not there. Her sister's wedding must be done. Deng Jiajia's brother called to remind Duan Xifeng that it was almost time to repay the money.

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