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What's the relationship between Xu Qiu and Xu lianshuang?

The most beautiful time is starred by popular actors such as Zhong Hanliang, Zhang Junning, Jia Naliang and Han Xiting. What kind of love story will they play? Let's learn about their role introduction first!

The most beautiful time cast

Character actor orange description

Lu Licheng -- Zhong Hanliang plays the marketing director of Mg company. He came from the countryside to fight in the city and fell in love with Su man

Su man -- Zhang Junning plays the elder leftover girl, a foreign enterprise "Baigujing". He comes to Mg in order to pursue Song Yi, a senior student who has been secretly in love with him for many years

Song Yi -- Jia Naliang as Wenrun Ruyu, department head of Mg company

Xu lianshuang -- Han Xiting plays Malatang, originally a rich woman, but hides her mind and comes to Mg company

Xu Qiu -- Yinger plays Xu lianshuang's half sister, Song Yi's beloved

Linda Jiang Yijia plays Su man's good friend and former boss. She is a strong and smart woman in the workplace, but she has the secret of secret marriage

Helen Mou Xiangying as assistant Lu Licheng

Xu lianshuang's mother -- played by Lu Ling

Chunni -- Xiang Jin as an employee of Mg company

Karen -- Song Yi's assistant

Xu Zhongjin -- he Qiang as Uncle Xu