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The most beautiful time rating wins the opening day, 30 minutes of broadcast a day, being abused

The most beautiful time ratings won the opening ceremony, 30 minutes a day was called abuse heart, 'God of men' Zhong Hanliang lead the whole city flower crazy, it is really too handsome.

After being upgraded and replaced again and again, the urban love drama adapted from Tonghua's novels finally landed on Hunan Satellite TV and Tencent's video on November 20. The premiere of the play won the first place. In the city of CMS 46, the ratings easily exceeded 1, and in the 16 hours of Tencent, the number of videos easily exceeded 1 million, ranking first among all video websites.

In terms of netizens, Zhong Hanliang's all kinds of handsome gestures are handsome, even if he falls on the ground, he turns over the sky. It's just that 30 minutes of content every day is extremely cruel, and netizens are crying.

The first broadcast easily breaks 1. Tencent's video playback volume exceeds 1 million, ranking first among video websites

In 2011, Tonghua's "step by step startling" (watching the drama) was popular all over the country, which made the audience worried and worried. In two years in violation of the screen, "the most beautiful time" adapted by the classic president of Wen Tong has returned to the "most beautiful time" of Tung Wen Hua. It has been eagerly anticipated by the "time powder", and everyone wants to see whether the secret of being buried by time can continue the essence of the original and create a brilliant step by step.

So there is no surprise that the premiere of the play won the "opening ceremony". Although only one episode is broadcast, in today's newly released ratings list, the ratings in the city of CMS 46 have easily broken 1, reaching a good result of 1.17. Sitting in the second place is only next to the "top card" -- the popular "let's get married", and this is also the rare Premiere of this year after "La Ma Zheng Zhuan" and other plays 1's TV series, it can be said to be a menace.

By noon, the play had already reached 620000 in 12 hours. By 15:00 p.m., the broadcast volume in three hours was up to 1.02 million times, successfully breaking the million mark, and the results were very gratifying.

30 minutes of a day's broadcast, masochistic heart 'God of man' Zhong Hanliang leads the whole city to flower mania

"The most beautiful time" has aroused the expectation of the public before its launch. In addition to the plot, there is an episode every night, less than 30 minutes of content, which makes the audience of the drama chase cry out. The fight lasted for 22 days, and only three episodes per night were broadcast again on December 11. But these days, TV dramas are prone to two or three episodes in a row. It's really painful for the little partners who have already raised Diao. Some netizens lamented, 'one episode every night, less than 30 minutes, not addictive, there is wood!' netizen 'Dante' thumped his chest and cried: 'I've been waiting for such a long time, but I've only put it for 30 minutes, and only a few shots of boss Lu. My heart is broken. "Thrillers roar: 'the toilet set is less than 30 minutes old. It's just a pit fan!"

It has to be mentioned that Lu Licheng, the boss played by Zhong Hanliang, is infatuated at the same time. His role has attracted numerous fans. So before the show was launched, the voice of his help echoed through the sky on the Internet. Some people said: 'Wang Xiaojian was built in ten years, Ke Jingteng was built in one hundred years, Li Daren was built in one thousand years, Lu Licheng was built in ten thousand years', and they also said:' save the galaxy, get the sun '. Although the first episode of Lu boss is still half covered with pipa, and the part of the play is not much, the female audience screamed and salivated a lot as soon as it came on the stage, and Zhong Hanliang was pushed to the altar of "male god" in an instant. All over the sky is the atmosphere of little pink peach heart, and female audiences have been trapped in the narcissism.

Some netizens made a prayer for the girl: 'I'm Zhong Hanliang's passer-by powder, but the first blood bath was emptied. It's not only the face, but also the acting. Every eye movement is just right. Time ah, let go of this beautiful man completely & hellip; & hellip; 'look back in front of the floor window, it's a flash to kill large female fans,' this gesture, this posture is simple and beautiful! Super seconds! President Lu, are you handsome and swollen? There's no sense in it!! 'a handsome man is a handsome man, even if he falls, he's cool,' handsome, handsome, even if he falls! '

It can be predicted that as the plot of the play deepens, when Lu Nan, who is hard to open love in his heart, is abused thousands of times, he will harvest more flowers, applause and tears. Girls are expected to fall in love with each other, to be haunted by their dreams, to be heartbroken by their pain.

You can choose "Su Lu Pei" as the final version of the Third Edition

At the end of the original novel, Su man, the heroine, finally chooses Song Yi, who has been secretly in love with her. Lu Licheng regretfully closes the relationship, which makes many time fans sigh with regret.

This adaptation is a TV play. Director Zeng Lizhen arranged three ending versions with different feelings, including the regretful ending following the original work, Su man and Lu Licheng getting married with lovers who fulfilled the fans' long cherished wish, and an open ending according to the legend. Director Zeng Lizhen once said: before the final broadcast, let the audience vote on the Internet, let the audience decide the final direction of the story, and other remaining versions will be broadcast in a special way.

At present, the online version of "Su man and Lu Licheng have lovers and eventually get married" is the most popular, and the friends have called: "wish to be one-man, white head can't be separated.". Don't be loyal to the original. The whole play is abusing boss. Finally, give a happy ending! I sincerely hope that the emotion of "peerless cannon fodder" will no longer be the secret buried by time!