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Love shinning 22 episode plot: Zhang Kefeng helps Zhen Zhu buy famous brand dresses and admires Zhen

Love shinning is centered on the emotional development and change of Zhen Zhu. Will there be feelings between Zhen Zhu and Zhang Kefeng? In the last episode, Zhang Kefeng helped Zhen Zhu buy drugs for waist treatment. What kind of intersection will there be between the two people in the latest episode?

Love shining story introduction episode 22

Zhang Kefeng bought a famous skirt for Zhen Zhu

Zhen Zhu is scolded by Chen YuXun when he comes home from work in the evening. After eating, he continues to wash dishes and do housework. Gao ran lies on the bed in the room and feels a little guilty. Looking back on the situation when he borrowed money from Zhen Zhu, he feels more and more ashamed of Zhen Zhu. So he gets up and comes to the kitchen to help Zhen Zhu wash dishes. Zhen Zhu worries that Gao ran can't clean the dishes. Gao Ran is not convinced that he can do it. Zhen Zhu has to put it down The dishes and chopsticks turned to other housework.

Gao ran wanted Zhen Zhu to have a rest earlier. Seeing that Zhen Zhu was busy again, he went to ask Zhen Zhu to stop working.

Xiaoqi plays in grandma Zhen Zhu's house. Zhen Zhu returns to her mother's house to pick up Xiaoqi. Grandma Zhen Zhu finds that Zhen Zhu's waist is injured. She intended to let Zhen Zhu carry Xiaoqi home. When she saw her granddaughter's waist is injured, she immediately asks the cause. Zhen Zhu casually claims that she was injured at work. Finally, accompanied by grandma, she takes Xiaoqi to her home.

There is something wrong with Mercy's spirit. She often feels sleepy when staying at home. Zhang Kefeng comes to her mother and asks about her illness. Mercy suddenly takes the opportunity to talk about marriage. She hopes that Zhang Kefeng can start a family and start a business as soon as possible. Seeing that her son is still in a hurry to get married, mercy suddenly changes her face and thinks his son is gay.

Zhang Kefeng understood that his mother misunderstood him. He could not help crying and laughing, and repeatedly said that his sexual orientation was very normal.

Grandma Zhen Zhu came to he's home to cook and make a house in person. Zhen Zhu came to the company and received a task to modify the clothes for a customer. The lesbians all knew that the customer was very rude and insolent. When they learned that Zhen Zhu came to serve the customer, they couldn't help worrying about Zhen Zhu coming.

Zhen Zhu was scolded by the female customer when she came to the female customer's home. The female customer took her to the room to make clothes with a straight face. Seeing that Zhen Zhu's technology was very good, the female customer changed her attitude and brought a drink to Zhen Zhu.

Mr. Ding received a phone call from a female customer in the office, and Zhen Zhu was called to the office by Mr. Ding when he returned to the company. Mary was gloating and thought that Zhen Zhu must have been complained by a female customer.

Zhen Zhu came to Mr. Ding's office and asked her why she changed the clothes for the female customers. Zhen Zhu revealed that there was something wrong with the appearance of the clothes of the female customers, so she started to change it. Then she thought that the female customers complained about herself, but Mr. Ding suddenly revealed that the female customers were very satisfied,

Zhen Zhu plans to accept the examination of the design department. Mary learns that she also plans to enter the design department. Mei Jie has a very good relationship with her. Upon hearing that Mary wants to join the design department, she immediately decides to help Mary.

Zhang Kefeng comes to a high-end clothing store to buy clothes. Two saleswomen have good feelings for him. At this time, Zhen Zhu also comes to the clothing store to record some new styles, so that they can learn some design knowledge. The two saleswomen look down on people with the same eyes and see that Zhen Zhu doesn't buy clothes. They are trying to drive Zhen Zhu away. Zhang Kefeng suddenly walks over from one side and takes out a membership card to lie that Zhen Zhu is Members and two saleswomen immediately changed their attitude and welcomed Zhen Zhu with smiles.

Zhang Kefeng is willing to help Zhen Zhu. At his request, Zhen Zhu put on a very noble dress and saw Zhen Zhu incarnate into a woman with noble temperament. Zhang Kefeng was very surprised and immediately bought clothes for Zhen Zhu.

Zhen Zhu is wearing a new dress to meet Gao ran. Gao ran suddenly finds that Zhen Zhu has changed into a special person with extraordinary temperament. He can't help but praise. Zhen Zhu comes to Gao ran and talks with Gao ran while eating a midnight snack.