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What is the ending of Zhen Zhu?

"Love shining" is on. It's a play that aspires to find love and create a mother's idol. Let's learn about the central idea it conveys and know the actors in the play.

"Love shining" also known as: the top "true love around"; the bottom "shining true love"

2013 is coming to an end, and the last battle to snatch the audience is quietly on fire. For this reason, Jiangsu Satellite TV, which has always advocated "Happy China", will launch a series of theatres of "love happy season" and open the "love happy season", focusing on the fresh and warm style. It will create a positive energy inspirational happy warm play with family warmth, love sweetness, human kindness and Oriental women's softness, kindness and tenacity, and drive away the winter cold with a series of warm plays. Among them, the first song Xingfu women's inspirational warm play "love shining" will be the first trump card to meet the audience. Love shining is produced by drama cool communication and directed by Song Yang, a famous urban emotional golden hand director.

TV series love shining actor list:

&Bull; Zhen Zhu (Jiang Jiatong), a single mother, a passionate and responsible fashion designer & bull; Zhang Kefeng (Fan Yichen), a young and promising chief physician, has always been fond of Zhen Zhu & bull; Gao ran (Xu Zhengxi), Zhen Zhu's former husband's small hair, and later like Zhen Zhu, and finally moved by Zhen Na

&Bull; Zhen Na (Liu Siwei), Zhen Zhu's cousin, likes Gao ran, and later gets married with Gao ran & bull; he Zhiwei (Li Ya Nan), Zhen Zhu's ex husband, died of a traffic accident during his honeymoon & bull; he Zhiwen (Wu Jiahui), his adopted son, a generous and stable designer & bull; Lu Shanshan (Xiao Han), a classmate whom Wen has always admired, is an independent professional female who has a successful career

&Bull; Chen Yu (Wu Yufang), he Zhiwei's mother, he Zhiwen's adoptive mother & bull; he Guangyao (Cao Yi), he Zhiwei's father, he Zhiwen's adoptive father & bull; Xiaoqi (Wu zejinxi), Zhen Zhu's son

&The father of Kang Linlin, Dean Kang (Bai fan), is the birth mother of Zhen Zhu, Kefeng's teacher, Wang Xueping (Zhu YAYING), Kang Linlin's stepmother, Zhang MEICI (tianniu), Zhang Kefeng's mother, general manager of Swan fashion design company, Ding Yaming (Luoda Hua), design director of Swan fashion design company, and grandma, Zhen Zhu's grandmother; Aunt (PU Chaoying) Zhen Zhu's aunt

&Xiao Bao (Liu Chunxiu) loaned usury to Gao Ran's thugs

Love shining story introduction:

"Love shining" is a story about an ordinary girl who insists on her dream and keeps going strong when she encounters many misfortunes. Jiang Jiatong acted as Zhen Zhu, the No. 1 female in the drama, which is also her first performance of the role of suffering.

Zhen Zhu (Jiang Jiatong) in love shining is an ordinary and even some down and out girl. She is a very talented tailor. She has a pair of skillful hands, can solve all kinds of clothing problems, can make beautiful and unique clothes. However, she also has a bad fate. Although she has a good skill, she is forced by life and cannot exert her talent. She gets love but faces the pain of losing. She has relatives but she walks on thin ice to them. She is a girl who can make people love and teach people how to grow up.

Zhen Zhu has been dreaming of becoming a fashion designer since she was a little girl. By chance, Zhen Zhu met and fell in love with he Zhiwei (played by Li Yannan), an elite in the workplace. However, he was strongly opposed by he family. He Zhiwei ran away from home and registered to marry Zhen Zhu and began his honeymoon. During the trip, Zhen Zhu felt the unprecedented romantic love, but a car accident took Zhiwei's life, leaving Zhen Zhu and her baby in the womb. He's grieved. Her mother-in-law blames Zhen Zhu for her son's death. She has an outrageous attitude towards Zhen Zhu. However, in order to keep his flesh and bones to witness their true love, Zhen Zhu decides where to live, where to give birth to her child and where to serve her parents.