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Girl's close friend: Episode 13 tells Xiao Ling who she told when she saw he Manli and Li Qiuyang ho

Friends in the boudoir Episode 13

He Manli told Li Qiuyang's mother that love is about fate, and she just went to work in imes now, and she didn't have so much time to think about it as a general manager. After hearing this, Li Qiuyang's mother said that she could talk with Sijia and Qiuyang to make her less busy.

Qin Tian said to Beibei, how did Li Qiuyang fall in love with Lin Sijia. Beibei said that when he Manli had nothing to do, he went to Li Qiuyang. Li Qiuyang was frightened by his phone. However, Lin Sijia is always in the library. Li Qiuyang thinks Lin Sijia is more reliable.

On the rooftop, she thought of what Li Qiuyang's mother said to herself: 'a woman must have a home and a child after she is 30 years old'. At this time, she received a call from Qin Tian, who said that with the help of he Manni's propaganda of imes, she would be able to catch fire. He Manni said that she was very grateful to Qin Tian for encouraging herself every time.

Lin Sijia takes Li Qiuyang's mother and Duoduo to Qingqing farm. Li Qiuyang's mother plays with a lot, and Gu ran plays with Scarlett. Gu ran and Scarlett had a good time. They took pictures of each other. When Scarlett was going to take pictures for Gu ran, Xu Lele came, and she said she would take pictures for Gu ran and LeLe together. Gu ran didn't welcome Lele and said how she came. Gu Ran's mother was very happy to see lelelai and took her to choose dishes.

Li Qiuyang takes he Manli and Yu Zong to eat together. Yu Zong persuades Li Qiuyang to drink. He Manli says Li Qiuyang can't drink. At this time, Yu always said that it was her and Li Qiuyang's business. He Manli didn't need to cry. At this time, another person beside me said how to say that Li Qiuyang has nothing to do with he Manli. Maybe they have some special relationship. After hearing this, he Manli was embarrassed and said that he and Li Qiuyang were just colleagues.

Gu Ran's mother told Scarlett that since she was so fond of gardening, she would often come later, and that she would be given a piece of land to grow things she liked. Scarlett said her dream was to enter Cornell University College of agriculture, and that if she had been admitted, maybe her colorful watermelon would have been invented.

Yu advised Li Qiuyang to drink again. He Manli said that Li could not drink this day. He also said that he could drink for him. General manager Yu agreed to her request and changed a large cup for her to drink with each of them. Li Qiuyang and he Manli come home together. At this time, he Manli is drunk. Li Qiuyang has always been called Xiaoling, but has not been answered.

He Manli vomited. Li Qiuyang has been taking care of her. He Manli holds Qiuyang and asks him not to leave. At this time, Xiaoling comes back. She sees he Manli and Qiuyang holding together and throws the basket to the ground in fear. Xiaoling told Li Qiuyang's mother about he Manli holding Li Qiuyang. Li Qiuyang's mother was very unhappy after hearing this. She also said that she would discuss with Qiu Yang and Sijia to introduce her to an object with a house.

Gu ran looks at Lin Sijia's picture in the room. At this time, Jing Yi comes. She asked Gu ran if she liked Lin Sijia. Gu ran said that his mother was worried. Jing Yi said that she could see all this as a person who came here. She also said to Gu ran that she could like Scarlett, but she could not go further. Gu ran told his mother that he knew it and that he would go to imes tomorrow to quit his job and run a farm with her.