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10 episodes of close friends in boudoir: will Beibei tell Lin Sijia about the special relationship b

Intimate friend in the boudoir Episode 10

Lin Sijia takes he Manli to the flagship store to select clothes. The clerk asks Lin Sijia if she has seen the report of the flagship store. Lin Sijia tells Li Qiuyang about the work and asks them not to lose heart. She wants to build up a little customer base. She also asks if there is any feedback from the customers who have recently come to the store. Just as she sees Beibei, she also comes to the store to select things. He Manli sees Lin Sijia and Beibei talking and is afraid that Beibei will tell Lin Sijia about his private meeting with Qin Tian. At this time, Lin Sijia recommends he Manli to Beibei and suggests that everyone have a meal together.

Lele came to Li Qiuyang's office and said that after Lin Sijia left, he would ask Li Qiuyang to sign a lot of things.

Lin Sijia and the three of them had dinner together. Beibei advised Lin Sijia on the table that she should choose some of the world's top fabrics. She also said that if the fabrics were improved, she would be introduced to many customers. Lin Sijia asked Beibei to model for her company. Beibei told Lin Sijia that she had signed a contract with her rival emerald. She also said that although they were old classmates, they would not affect their feelings.

After dinner, he Manli is afraid that Beibei and Lin Sijia are too close. When she betrays herself, she reminds Lin Sijia to keep an eye on Beibei and not trust her too much. Lin Sijia doesn't think so. Lin Sijia also asks Gu ran to check the Italian fabric introduced to him by babe on the Internet. However, Li Qiuyang asks Gu ran to say that the Italian brand he was responsible for checking does not need to be checked again. Gu ran wants to argue. Li Qiuyang says that Lin Sijia is now a housewife.

Zhao Yong goes to Gu ran and adds that Li Qiuyang must be wary of Gu ran. He also says that Gu ran should calm down if he wants to stay in the company. Gu ran changes his face and says that he has nothing to do with it. He also says that he thinks Li Qiuyang's decision is right. Then Gu ran left. Gu ran pulls Xu Lele and tells her not to exaggerate like this in the future. He also tells Zhao Yong not to tell him anything after Lele, because he thinks Zhao Yong is not on the same line with Li Qiuyang and Lin Sijia.

Zhaoyong comes to the office to find Li Qiuyang and says that Gu ran doesn't know what's going on. Now, his nose is not nose. Li Qiuyang says that Gu Ran is Lin Sijia's spoiled one. Zhao Yong also said that he heard Gu ran and LeLe chatting in the office yesterday. Gu ran said that he likes mature women who are older than himself and that such women are attractive. Zhao Yong also said that Gu ran had a special feeling for Lin Sijia. Li Qiuyang said that he had the same feeling. He also said that Lin Sijia was drunk on the day he left the company. He also said that Lin Sijia had nothing to do with him. Lin Sijia just liked to work. Zhaoyong let Li Qiuyang take advantage of the company's opportunity to replace Gu ran.

Beibei said to Qin Tian that he told Lin Sijia that the fabric of clothes in their flagship store was not good enough, and Qin Tian criticized her and said that she would not talk about anything in the future. Qin Tian tells Beibei not to tell Lin Sijia about he Manli. He Manli is useful to her.

He Manli is afraid that Beibei will tell Lin Sijia about his relationship with Qin Tian, so he Manli calls Qin Tian to ask if Beibei knows what happened between them. Qin Tian said he didn't say anything to her and warned Beibei. He Manli said to Qin Tian that he would return the money to him when he would meet.

Boss LV and Li Qiuyang discuss the business of Italian fabrics. Lele says that he Manli will send him materials when he comes and hears his name. Boss LV tells Li Qiuyang that he has a dry daughter named he Manli, so he wants to meet her. He Manli is surprised to see boss Lu, so she says she wants to find a coffee shop outside.

Boss Lu told him that he had been very kind to her in New York, but he owed them money and ran away. He Manli said that she now depends on others. Lin Sijia gives her clothes and everything she wears. Boss LV said that if she doesn't pay back, she will tell Li Qiuyang and Lin Sijia about her. He Manli is afraid that Li Qiuyang will know, so she takes the money from Qin Tian's card and gives it back to boss Lu. He Manli's withdrawal was seen by Xiaoling.

He Manli was walking alone on the road, almost hit by Qin Tian, who comforted him. He Manli said that he took the money as if he borrowed it from him, and would return it to him if he had a chance.