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Let's get married

Let's get married episode 29: sure enough, let his mother taste the beef jerky, don't want to find that the beef jerky has gone moldy, sure enough, his mother immediately became angry, sure enough, and his father a persuasion.

Sure enough, Dad took out a bottle of pickles just made from the refrigerator, and asked him to give it to his mother. Sure enough, he took the pickles to the place where he went to work. Peach was very happy.

Xue Sumei picked a sweater for sure in the shopping mall. Sure enough, her mother came to peach's work place angrily. She said that peach was not suitable for her. She asked peach not to pester her again.

Xue Sumei just came with her sweater, and heard her mother's words. She put away her clothes and quarreled with her mother. Her mother said that the dried beef sent by Xue Sumei was moldy. She told her to testify. She blushed and said nothing. Her mother left angrily.

When she came back home, she cried and scolded her for not telling the truth, which embarrassed her. She also scolded why her father sent pickles to Xue Sumei, saying that he flattered the actress, and scolded her for being confused by the beauty of peaches, and being hit by Xue Sumei's sugar coated shell, which injured her.

Xue Sumei and peaches come home. The peaches let Xue Sumei find out if the dried beef is really moldy. Xue Sumei remembers that the dried beef is also given to brother Li, so she calls and asks brother Li. As a result, she is really told that the dried beef has expired and moldy.

At this time, he came with the fruit, and said that his mother asked him to apologize with the fruit. Xue Sumei saw that she was really sensible, and gave him the sweater. She did not know how to apologize to her. She made suggestions and wrote an apology letter in the name of her mother.

As expected, I read the letter of apology. As expected, my mother's anger finally disappeared. Li Kui didn't contact LAN Weiwei for a long time, and LAN Weiwei felt uneasy. She texted Li Kui that she would never appear again, and Li Kui was quietly coming to her.

Li Kui took his two colleagues as witnesses to propose to LAN Weiwei, who was not moved to tears. Li Kui took him home to see his father. Li Fu was very happy. Li Kui knelt down to Li Fu, thanked him for his upbringing, and said that he and Wei would be filial to him.

Let's get married episode 30: Huang Haibo lies about his relationship with Gao Yuanyuan