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Love apartment 4 Hu Ge will appear tonight. In which episode will Hu Ge appear? What is Hu Ge's name

Love apartment 4 Hu Ge is expected to appear tonight. Hu Ge's guest role Hu Xiaojian seduces Tang youyou to act as Guan Gu's magical rival, which makes Guan Gu furious. In order to cater to the comedy color of love apartment, Hu Ge will also give up her own screen for the first time.

Hu Ge's guest role: Hu Xiaojian's seduction to Tang youyou

"Love apartment 4" is being shown on four major satellite TV stations, and Hu Ge, who plays friendship, will be on the stage soon. For his comedy performance, he commented: "if you give up the first cheap on the screen, how can you say that life is just like the first cheap. '