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Plot preview of 30 episodes of TV drama "bloody island": Lou fangyue mistakenly kills Lei Furong, bl

Red leaf discovers Lou fangyue's secret, and secretly contacts Hai Renjie and Lan Lian, hoping that they can arrest Lou fangyue at the trading place. Unexpectedly, Lou fangyue kills Lei Furong, and plants the blame on red leaf, making red leaf the target of the gang. How will red leaf get out of danger. How will lou fangyue be punished for his crime?

The story of episode 30

Hai Renjie is on his way to the trading place. Hongyewan didn't expect that Lou fangyue was the one she was trading with. In the face of red leaf's questioning eyes, Lou fangyue feels guilty. The two parties are in the process of trading. Hai Renjie arrives, and the soldiers are alternating with each other. Lou fangyue runs away while red leaf is chasing and questioning. Furong hears their conversation. Furong doesn't expect that her trusted red leaf is the undercover of juntong. Lou fangyue sees that Furong likes red leaf and tells her that she is red Ye is the truth of her daughter, and Furong is greatly stimulated. Lou fangyue takes the opportunity to put a black gun at Hongye in order to kill him. Hongye dodges him, and leifurong, who is standing behind Hongye, is shot and falls to the ground.

Lou fangyue slanders that Hongye is planted to kill Lei Furong, and takes gangsters to pursue Hongye.

Lou fangyue kills Lei Furong, blames Hongye for the crime, and makes Ji let Lei Dayan mistakenly think that Hongye is the murderer of Lei Furong. He gathers his followers, publishes the portrait of Hongye everywhere, casts a net to catch Hongye, and vows that Hongye will be buried with her. Red leaf is seriously injured. She runs into a pharmacy, grabs medicine and escapes. She goes to a quiet place to heal herself. However, she can't move easily and can't rush to the team base in time to tell her teammates the amazing secret she found. Lou fangyue knows that Hongye has seen through his identity and wants to kill Hongye by means of Lei Dayan, team leader Ma and other forces. Hongye is pursued by many forces and is surrounded by danger. He runs away from home and there. The situation is very critical. At this time, the ghost team is controlled by four or five secret service teams. Lou fangyue claims that he has been instructed by Shangfeng to investigate the secret collusion between Hongye and the gangs in the cigarette shop and engage in the trade. Lan Lian recognizes that these people are the agents who brutally interrogate them during the special training.