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Loufangyue found smuggling drugs Hongye meets Fujiwara Fumiko

Episode 28

Lei Da smoke secretly investigated the life of red leaves, and learned that red leaves were gambling and gambling, and that the red leaves were a desperado who could be used, so that lotus could carry the red leaves to the terminal trading point. Hongye finds that Fujiwara and his men are the ones who come to trade goods, so she takes the opportunity to become addicted to smoking. Furong has no choice but to trade with fumigation.

Lei Dayan asks Lei Furong to keep an eye on Lou fangyue, a slippery customer, so as not to lose business. Hong Ye quietly follows Furong to Miss Li, who Lou fangyue often goes to, to see who Lei Dayan's mysterious customer is. She doesn't want to turn out to be Lou fangyue. Hong Ye is surprised and doubts Lou fangyue.

Lou fangyue's ability and ability attracted Fujiwara's attention. Fujiwara promised new products to Lei Dayan, but at the same time, she asked Lei Dayan to meet this capable person. Lei Furong went to wudaoguan to get samples of new products, followed by Hongye, and took into account the surrounding terrain of wudaoguan. Her intuition was that this wudaoguan might be a drug manufacturing den.

Red leaves pass new information to the players, Lou fangyue also rushed back.