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Plot summary of TV series bloody island episode 26: Lou fangyuecheng is assigned to trafficking in d

Fujiwara Xunzi is caught. Red leaf LANLIAN wants to use Xunzi in exchange for rescuing Mike, but Lou fangyue opposes it. Red leaf lets white pigeon intoxicate Lou fangyue with a beauty trick, and then rescuing Mike. Unexpectedly, Fujiwara, an old fox, injects Mike with methamphetamine, which makes him infected with drugs. Next, Mike and Hongye will be treated by Xunzi and Fujiwara?

Introduction to episode 26

Lou fangyue has no time to escape. He is surrounded by Xunzi's people in the villa. He detonates a bunch of grenades and runs away. Huang's villa was destroyed, and Huang Jiayin, who came a step late, was very sad to see her home destroyed. Everyone thought Lou fangyue was dead, but in fact he escaped to tobacco tycoon Lei Dayan. Lei Dayan has long provided opium and distributed drugs to the Japanese. He is a person who No. 76 dares not to provoke. Lou fangyue smuggles goods for the high-level military unification officials in private, and inevitably has business relations with Lei Dayan. Seeing the living God of wealth coming, Lei Dayan naturally wants to eat and drink.

Mack received the instructions from the new liaison officer and ordered him to leave for Chongqing as soon as possible for screening and treatment of drug addiction. Before he left, he also had a task to arrange for people to investigate Lei Dayan and the smugglers who came and went with him, because recently some people in the Kuomintang controlled areas died of drugs, and the authorities ordered a thorough investigation of the source.

After agent Hiroko fumigata was arrested three times, she was worried about the original situation. Fujiwara also talked with Sanpu about his Jifeng action, which is a militarist plan that encroaches on Chinese people from physical to spiritual aspects. One of the contents of this plan is to make opium into high-grade drugs and sell it to the Kuomintang controlled areas. It can not only destroy the body and mind of the Chinese people, but also make huge profits and provide military expenses for the military headquarters. Fujiwara needs Fumiko to do these things for him, because his own body has gone from bad to worse.

Lei Dayan borrows water from Lou fangyue to smuggle drugs, while he helps Lou fangyue get rid of ritte's tracking. They hit it off, and Lou fangyue is on the road of no return.