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Why did Qiao Yan marry Huangshan in the end? Did Huangshan mutiny become an undercover?

Does the love between Qiao Yan and Huangshan come to fruition? Qiao Yan likes Chen Shaojie, while Huangshan likes Qiao Yan and has been quietly protecting and caring for Qiao Yan behind her back. Because Liang cherry's involvement makes their relationship complicated and difficult to understand, does the relationship between Huangshan and Qiao Yan have any results?

Analysis of Qiao Yan and Huangshan's feelings

In the group of suppressing bandits, the love between Chen Shaojie and Qiao Yan is not the only one. Huang Shan, Chen Shaojie's good brother, loves Qiao Yan deeply. Qiao Yan takes care of Chen Shaojie's daily life and his roommate Huang Shan at the same time. Qiao Yan's tenderness makes this iron man's heart beat. When he was scolded by his superiors and wept alone, Huangshan accompanied Qiao Yan; when he was shot and injured, it was Huangshan who sent Qiao Yan painkillers late at night. Huangshan also knows that there is only Chen Shaojie in Qiao Yan's heart, so he doesn't give up his deep love. Protecting Qiao Yan in the dark is his biggest wish.

Huangshan's feelings for Qiao Yan also become the handle for the enemy to grasp. The enemy threatens Huangshan with Qiao Yan's safety, making him an undercover agent of the enemy and doing a lot of things against his heart. When she learns that the combination of Huangshan and Qiao Yan is the best protection for Chen Shaojie, Qiao Yan agrees to the organizational arrangement. The kind Huangshan didn't bind Qiao Yan with marriage. After marriage, they respect each other as guests. Although they have the name of husband and wife, they don't have the reality of husband and wife. There is a long distance between their marriage and love.