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Preview of 10 episodes of you from the stars: Quan Zhixian knows Jin Xiuxian's true identity

Still photo of you from the stars

On January 16,, in the 10th episode of Shuimu drama "you from the stars" broadcast by South Korea's SBS TV station, Liu Shimei (Liu Renna) confesses to Li Huijing (PU Haizhen), who has been in secret love for a long time. After being refused, she takes out to Li Huijing a picture of Du Minjun (Jin Xiuxian) taken 12 years ago when Qian Songyi (Quan Zhixian) had a car accident.

Li Huijing as like as two peas, who saw the photo, was hit hard. For 12 years Maeto Mingjun looked exactly the same as Li Huijing. He found out that he was all about the man, and asked him, "who are you? Are you really the one who rescued thousand thousand years ago 12 years ago?"

On the other hand, Qian Songyi, who lives in Du Minjun's house temporarily, finds a glass fragment stained with blood in his garbage can. Qian Songyi, who is suspicious of Du Minjun's hand, remembers Du Minjun who came forward to help him when he nearly fell into the cliff.

Antisocial Li Zaijing (Shen Chenglu) is willing to kill Du Minjun, an alien. Is the real identity of Du Minjun with super power revealed?