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When is romance Season 3 needed to be updated? How many episodes is romance Season 3 needed?

The TV drama "need romance 3" is about the real love situation between young people living in the new era, which is connected with the previous plot. The story is set in a TV shopping guide company. The triangular romance between the 30 generations of women who don't believe in love and the 20 generations of men who dream of pure love, as well as the second half of the 30 generations of workplace bosses, is about to unfold.

Need romance Season 3

Director: Zhang Rongyou

Screenwriter: Zheng Xianzhen

Starring: Jin Suyan, Sheng Jun, nangongmin, Wang Zhiyuan, park Xiaozhu, Yin Shengya

Broadcast platform: TVN

Number of episodes: 16

Update time: play one episode every Monday and two nights at 8:40 Beijing time