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Drama review of you from the stars

On January 10,, in the eighth episode of Shuimu drama "you from the stars" broadcasted by South Korea's SBS TV station, Qian Songyi (Quan Zhixian) who nearly died on the cliff is surprised by the real identity of Tao Minjun (Jin Xiuxian).

Qian Songyi is rescued by Tao Minjun when the cliff is about to fall. She suddenly feels confused by the memory of her familiar with him. Qian Songyi said: 'whenever I encounter difficulties, it's strange that Tao Minjun is always by my side. But you were not there just now. "Looking at Tao Minjun's injured hand and worried about his injury, he was also curious about his existence.

Feeling threatened, Qian Songyi, who lives in Tao Minjun's house for a while, opens his shoe box to look for an umbrella and finds his lost silver high-heeled shoes. This is the picture that Tao Minjun had foreseen that Qian Songyi fell from the ship wearing these shoes, so he stole the high-heeled shoes and hid them.

However, Qian Songyi, who did not know the truth, misunderstood Tao Minjun's sexual orientation and brought laughter to the audience. Then she said: 'it doesn't matter, everyone has different tendencies. Who will scold you? If you have a favorite color or style, please remember to tell me that I will buy it for you. Tao Minjun's remarks made him feel ridiculous.

Qian Songyi also said that he wanted to pay off his debt to Tao Minjun's family and took the initiative to clean the house for him, but in the end, he made trouble. Qian Songyi, who broke dishes and pottery, said "oops, sorry" treacherously, and then went on cleaning. However, Mr. Xu Yun's white porcelain and the bowls made by Korean craftsmen are priceless treasures that can not be measured by money.

At last, Tao Minjun said 'be honest, don't do anything, or I'll drive you out' and hugged Qian Songyi from behind. Qian Songyi was embarrassed to say 'I know, let go' to break the awkward atmosphere.

Qian Songyi wants to thank Tao Minjun, who has saved herself from the crisis for many times. She hands over a can of beer. However, Tao Minjun refuses the other party after remembering the past when he was unable to control his super power after drinking.

Qian Songyi, slightly drunk, said: 'I'm porcelain, big tree and little dog. Do you mean I don't drink with porcelain and big tree? If you're human, how can you feel nothing about me? My nickname is 15 seconds spirit. It only takes 15 seconds for advertisements to win people's hearts. If I'm still porcelain, big tree and little dog after 15 seconds, I'll admit that I don't have charm. 'she asked Tao Minjun for 15 seconds and tried to make all kinds of expressions.

Time flies by, and Tao Minjun's expression changes like a rock. Finally, he holds Qian Songyi's face and kisses it. As an alien, Tao Minjun is in pain when he encounters human saliva. The short time of 15 seconds is longer and more exciting than ever.

Whether the two people who confirm each other's wishes can stand the obstruction of Li Zaijing (Shen Chenglu) and Liu Shimei (Liu Renna), let's wait and see.