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Preview of 7 episodes of you from the planet: Quan Zhixian, Liu Renna's status reversal threatened

On January 6,, in the seventh episode of Shuimu drama "you from the stars" broadcasted by South Korea's SBS TV station, Qian Songyi's mother Yang Meiyan (Luo Yingji) opens the box she receives and starts to scream. Inside the box is a picture of Qian Songyi with scarlet letter "you will die too".

On the other hand, Liu Shimei, who is played by Liu Renna, is very popular, and the new TV series has a good audience rating. On the other hand, he is congratulated by everyone. On the other hand, Qian Songyi, who can't even get out of his family, feels that '15 years of acting life is ruined in two weeks. '

On the emotional side, Qian Songyi said to Du Minjun: 'you must be by my side' and a subtle expression appeared on his face, which added to everyone's expectation for their romantic story.