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15 episodes of beautiful men: is Zhang Genshuo's secret code Li Zhien?

On January 4,, in the fourteenth episode of Shuimu drama "beautiful man" broadcasted by South Korea's KBS 2TV TV station, Dugu Matt (played by Zhang Genshuo) and Jin ordinary (played by IU) finally show their heart to each other, but Dugu Matt's secret signal is actually Jin ordinary.

When Dugu mat learns that Honglan (Jin Baoyan) is his biological mother, he is hit hard, while Jin Changping is always by his side. Dugu Matt changed his attitude towards Jin Tong, saying that 'you are the only one who has never changed to me'.

The two came and went to the skating rink. Jin is not very good at skating. She doesn't want to trouble Dugu Matt, so she says, "I'm here to practice, brother. You can go and play." she takes care of him all the time. As a result, something unexpected happened. Dugu mat waited for Jin Tong.

Dugu mat looks at Jin Changping, who can't skate, walking towards him and remembering the past. Finally, he felt the importance of Jin ordinary and understood that she was his true love. Dugu Matt said to Jin Tong, "stand there. Just a moment, stand and wait for a moment ', then he walked to each other and hugged her. He also expressed his love for her by saying 'from now on I will come to you'.

So far, it's the happy ending of Jin's unrequited love. After that, Hong Yula (Han Caiying) suggests to David Cui that he help him, saying meaningfully, 'anyway, your love will not have a perfect ending. Jin Tongping is the signal of Dugu Matt. It suggests that Jin is not just a little girl living next door to Dugu Matt.

At last, Dugu Matt and Jin Changping communicate with each other, and Jin Changping is the signal that changes Dugu Matt's life. They can't be separated now. However, it is still unknown whether the love relationship between Dugu Matt and Jin Tong is good or bad. Can they hold on to their love and usher in a happy ending?