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Drama review of "Premier and me" Lin Yuner and Li Fanxiu's warm family

Still photo of premier and me

On December 18,, in the Yuehuo drama "prime minister and me" broadcast by South Korea KBS 2TV, Quan LV (Li Fanxiu) and Nan duozhen (yun'er, a member of girlhood) signed a prenuptial agreement to get married. In the process, funny and touching stories were staged.

Before their marriage, Quan LV and Nan duozhen had a nervous war. Quan LV said to Nan duozhen, who was writing an agreement casually: "the agreement should not be written like this. If you want to write it, you should write it well." he drew up an unfair agreement, which made Nan duozhen laugh and cry.

Because of their marriage, Nan duozhen becomes the stepmother of Quan Lv's three children. The second daughter, Guo Guo (Quan min Shu), wants to make Nan duozhen suffer. Unexpectedly, she provides an opportunity for her father and stepmother to get closer.

The state put super glue into the hand sanitizer bottle, which led to the hands of Quan LV and Nan duozhen sticking together. However, Quan LV had to take Nan duozhen to leave by helicopter because he had to work. In the process, they solved the misunderstanding, made progress towards each other, and shook hands to show their trust.

When Nan duozhen said, "I don't know if I can be qualified for the title of prime minister's wife, so I want to run away", Quan LV told the other party her story and comforted her that she was "afraid that I can't be a reason to run away.".

The two people have been getting to know each other in the noisy, their touching wedding also deeply attracted the audience. After learning that their future father-in-law nanliuzhi (Li Hanwei) is not seriously ill for a long time, quanlv promised 'thank you for giving me your precious daughter. I may not be able to make other agreements, but I promise I won't let her drop a tear'.

In order to walk into the hall with her father's hand, Nan duozhen secretly decides to marry Quan LV according to the contract. Before that, she has been confused and can't recognize her father, but she is sober for a short time at the wedding and walks into the hall with her daughter's hand. Nan duozhen, who said 'I will not run away, I will do my best', started her tortuous marriage.