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Qi queen 15 episode preview: Chi Changxu and Zhu Zhenmo in hezhiyuan officially stage love triangle

Still photo of Queen Qi

On December 11, reported that the love triangle between Qi chengniang (he Zhiyuan), Tuo (chi Changxu) and Wang Yu (Zhu Zhenmo) was officially staged in the "strange Queen" broadcast by South Korea's MBC TV station.

In the 14th episode broadcast last night, Qi chengniang met Wang Yu, who had won the war and came back alive. Wang Yu came to the palace of the Yuan Dynasty. Qi chengniang, who thought he had been killed in the war, dared to meet him in a hurry after hearing the news that he was still alive. However, Wang Yu, who was exiled to the Yuan Dynasty, and Qi chengniang, the maid in the palace of the Yuan Dynasty, who was deposed and exiled to the Yuan Dynasty, and Qi chengniang, a maid in the palace of the Yuan Dynasty, could not talk to each other because of her own difficulties To know that the other person is still alive.

Finally, they met again secretly, but failed to achieve a secret meeting in the evening. At last, they met at the Palace Banquet. Even though they were surrounded by enemies, they still smile and stare at each other.

Tuo, who has been paying close attention to Qi chengniang's every move, feels uneasy and melancholy when he discovers the secret between the other party and Wang Yu. He drinks to drown his worries and stares at each other, regardless of the appearance of Wang Yu and Qi chengniang around him, which indicates that the romance of the three men has officially begun.

Tuo developed a strong love offensive against Qi chengniang, who was the only one trusted in the palace. He deliberately did not let Qi chengniang say that he would send him back to Gaoli, or he came to qichengniang's residence at night and forced her to lie in bed, naive and jealous.

He didn't want to force Qi chengniang, but he couldn't help but want to see her. He heard that when the other party was sick and injured, he went to the palace maid's residence to visit her. Although the love offensive was abrupt and reckless, it was hard to make people hate.

Qichengniang tried to get rid of her at the beginning. She knew nothing about her behavior. She kept showing her long lost smile. Her wishful thinking seemed to gradually move Qi chengniang's cold heart.

Qichengniang, who reunited with Wang Yu, once again showed her loyalty and love to each other, while Tuo and Wang Yu were also concerned about qichengniang. The queen (played by Bai Zhenxi) will become the biggest variable in the relationship among the three.