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Inheritors 19 episode preview: Li minhao holding hands with Park Xinhui to disclose all the truth

Still of the heirs

On December 6, reported that Jin Tan (Li minhao) fell to the bottom of the 18th episode of Shuimu drama "successors" broadcast by SBS TV station of South Korea. Looking at his injured son, president Jin (played by Zheng Donghuan) is not worried, but dissatisfied, expressing his "worthless guy".

Jin Yuan (sighs) when he looks at Jin Yuan's helpless relationship with Jin Yuan's mother, he finds the relationship between her brother and Jin's mother. However, Jin's father's identity is not the same as Jin's.

"I'm dying. Send me to America," he said. Let me live. "Jin Yuan was shaken. He went to Jiangyuan road to find Che Enshang. He asked her to come to Seoul on the pretext of the final exam. He also asked Jin Tan to return to school to help the two meet again.

In order to find Che Enshang, Cui yingdao (Jin Yubin) also went to Jiangyuan Road, where he saw Che Enshang's mother. He was deeply moved. His mother's warmth melted Cui yingdao's cold heart. Looking at Qi AI (Jin chengling) struggling to find Jin Tan, yingdao went all out to let Jin Tan meet his mother as before.

Cui yingdao also said goodbye to Che Enshang, who made his heart beat for the first time. He said: 'don't see you again. I don't want you now. You were a woman to me in the beginning, and now you are. The future is also my first love. Don't say hello to each other when you meet. Even after a period of time, don't seem to remember when you said & lsquo; it was like that at that time;. '

Qi AI left home, she has been troubled by Jin Tan, but president Jin hurt her with words. Qi AI was once a front desk clerk of imperial group customer service. After meeting president Jin, she lived a secret life at home for ten years. President Jin also complained about qi'ai and said, "only a female staff member at the front desk can walk into the top floor bathroom. It's just like that. '

Qi'ai is very similar to Che Enshang. As president Jin said: "cheap but luminous, qi'ai takes off her gorgeous jewelry and leaves the so-called powerful family.

They all made concerted efforts to let Che Enshang and Jin Tan meet, and they also decided to help them fight against president Jin. Once again, they decided to face it bravely. On their birthday, Jin Tan stood in front of the media as if to announce something. What kind of future will Che Enshang and Jin Tan hand in hand again?