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Inheritors' final prediction: Li minhao's success, park Xinhui and Jin Yubin's reversal plot

Still of the heirs

On December 5, reported that in the Shuimu drama "successors" broadcast by SBS TV station in South Korea, the audience had different opinions on the ending of Jin Tan (Li minhao) and Che Enshang (Park Shin Hui). Can the two end successfully?

The script writer Jin Enshu's unintentional lines or a small props all have hidden secrets. Her first foreshadowing in the play is' wind chime of dream catching net '. This is the keepsake between Jin Tan and Che Enshang (Park Xinhui). I don't know whether the wind chime is the medium to realize their dreams, or does it imply that everything is a mirage?

The second foreshadowing is the suicide mark engraved on the campus of imperial high school. Some viewers pointed out whether the mark implied the psychological state of Li Xiaoxin (Jiang He Na), and the mark only appeared when Jin Tan appeared on the stage. Although most of the works written by Jin Enshu ended in happy ending, it was not known why "the successors" always gave people an ominous premonition.

The third foreshadowing is the novel "the Great Gatsby" and "the lonely house". The frequent appearance of the two novels also makes the audience feel suspicious. It is pointed out that if "the Great Gatsby" depicts the fantasy story of an unforgettable first love and a man who pursues fame and fortune at all costs for love, then "the successors" breaks the illusion and goes straight to reality 。

In addition, some audiences think that Jin Tan and Che Enshang must have lovers who will get married and live a happy life when they grow up. At the end of Episode 14, the whole school teachers and students learn about Che Enshang's enrollment as a social caregiver, and witness everything. Jin Tan puts a flower bracelet on Che Enshang's hand. This scene also indicates a successful ending.

On the other hand, the presence of Mr. Yin (Cui Yuanying) also makes the audience suspicious. Careful viewers find that Mr. Yin has never had a positive contact with Che Enshang. Moreover, the audience analyzes that Mr. Yin is the key figure in the second half of the TV series.

There are also a lot of audience to make a hilarious explanation. Although Cui yingdao (Jin Yubin) finally ate the banquet noodles, it was at the wedding of Jin Tan and Che Enshang (Korean traditional custom, eating banquet noodles means marriage).

"Although I'm playing Jin Tan, I'm also curious about the ending of the TV series and the foreshadowing," Li said through the agency. Jin Enshu's Screenwriter's imagination is too wild. '