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"Future choice" reveals Zheng Rong and Yin Enhui and Li Dongjian's massive script signature photos

Yin Enhui, Li Dongjian, Zheng Ronghe

On December 3, reported that the TV play "future choice" broadcast by KBS TV station was approaching the final finale. Zheng Ronghe, Yin Enhui and Li Dongjian, the leading actors of the TV series, released the signature certificate of the last episode of the script.

It is reported that Yin Enhui, Zheng Ronghe and Li Dongjian completed the shooting of the finale in Gyeonggi Province on January 1. The three actors who gathered together for a long time showed their best efforts to shoot the TV drama scene for a high degree of completion.

Although it was a short scene, in order to convey the delicate feelings of the characters in the play, the shooting was repeated many times. The three actors also had a deep exchange of views on the small details, showing their great enthusiasm for the TV series. After the camera was turned off, the three people kept joking and left certification photos, showing a harmonious face.

After nearly four months of shooting, the actors and actresses have developed into close family relations, which makes the final shooting scene full of warmth. Yin Enhui, Zheng Ronghe and Li Dongjian also expressed their reluctance to the TV play and expressed their thanks to the audience who have been supporting the play. The TV drama producer also praised the dedication and enthusiasm of the three actors.