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Inheritors 17 Episode Trailer: Park Xinhui is forced to leave and Li minhao is heartbroken

On November 30, reported that in the Shuimu drama "successors" broadcasted by SBS TV station in South Korea, Jin Tan (Li minhao) knew the fact that his father Jin nanrun (Zheng Donghuan) wanted to force Che Enshang (Park Shin hye) to study abroad.

Angry Jin sighs to his father: "don't touch Enshang again. In order to be threatened by my father, I put a sword in my hand, didn't I? If I touch enshan again, I don't know who the sword will stab at. The father was warned.

In the house that Li minhao (Jin Tan) prepared for park Xinhui (Che Enshang), Enshang said goodbye to Jin Tan with a smile and asked him to attend the meeting well. Enshang also took the initiative to kiss Jin Tan on the cheek. Jin Tan also said, "I will come when I go. You will wait for me at home. '

As soon as Jin Tan left, Enshang held her breath and burst into tears, which was completely different from the sweet smile before, which made the viewer feel sad.

Later, it was found that Jin Tan, who left Enshang, could shed tears in the empty house. What counterattack would Jin Tan have? What would be the result of Enshang Jintan's love in her 18-year-old youth?