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Inheritors 16 episode preview: brothers Li minhao and Cui Zhenhe turn against each other and become

On November 28, reported that in the 15 episode of the TV series "successors" broadcast by South Korea's SBS station, Jin Nanyun (played by Zheng Donghuan) deliberately split the younger son Jin Tan (Li minhao) and the eldest son Jin Yuan (Cui Zhenhe), and threatened Che Enshang (Park Shin hye) to break up with Kim tan.

Jin Nan Yun puts Jin Tan under house arrest. Cui yingdao pretends to find Jin Tan to do his homework. He takes a bodyguard to attack Jin Tan's home and lets Jin Tan slip out of the house.

After escaping from home, Jin Tan finds his half brother Jin Yuan and emphasizes that he has no intention of fighting for the company and is willing to sacrifice his shares for family affection. However, Jin Yuan's request for him to return to the United States is heartbreaking.

Jin Tan came home with a broken heart. Jin Nan Yun called Che Enshang to her study and said to her: there are two ways for you to go. First, break up immediately. I can send you to any place you want to go, whether it's Britain, the United States or France. Second, the two people have been dating for 15 days, but once the 15 days have passed, you must go to the place I have designated. Of course, it is impossible to stay in Korea.

After seeing Jin Nanyun, Che Enshang goes to Jin Tan's room and smiles at Jin Tan.