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Notice of 10 episodes of Korean drama "strange Queen": Qi chengniang and Park family frame up danasi

On November 26, reported that Qi chengniang (he Zhiyuan) wanted to assassinate Tuo (chi Changxu) who entered park's (Han Huilin) house, but failed in the ninth episode of the monthly fire drama "strange Queen" broadcast by MBC TV in South Korea.

In order to kill Tuo, Qi chengniang always wears the iron bar on her head as a hairpin. She and park are waiting for the water delivery. Qi chengniang, who has been waiting for park, sees that Tuo has gone to bed, pulls out her head and is ready to stab him in the neck. When she is about to succeed, park stops her. The other party seems to know that Qi chengniang has a secret feeling and has paid special attention to her actions.

Park dissuades Qi chengniang and says: 'I don't want to know your secret. None of the Koryo people who came here had no bitter past. But if you are going to kill your majesty, then all the Koryo people in the palace will be executed. The palace is such a place. There is no blood, no tears, no compassion. '

Because the Empress Dowager (gold filigree) recommended the beloved Park family to become the eyesore of the queen danasili (Bai Zhenxi), her life in the palace was not smooth. Although park's fate is doomed to be a tragedy, but she is full of love, get the help of Qi chengniang, and gradually adapt to the palace life.

Park and Qi chengniang get married. How they will work together to deal with danarili in the future is also very expected.